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About PoweR Girls on MTV Network

On this show cameras follow PR guru Lizzie Grubman and four of the youngest PR ladies (Ali, Millie, Rachel, and Kelly) working at her agency, Lizzie Grubman Public Relations.  We watch as they make their way through the difficult and often less than glamorous times of the entertainment industry.


News Articles about MTV Networks PoweR Girl Show


Boston Globe 3/10/05 MTV's 'PoweR Girls' is a PR nightmare

Reality TV World 3/10/05 MTV debuts 'PoweR Girls' series featuring PR flak/socialite Lizzie Grubman

NY Times 3/10/05 A Front-Row Seat to a Behind-the-Scenes Job

Pioneer Times 3/9/05 Another reality show: will it be powerful?

NY Daily News 3/8/05 'Girls' an ego trip for Lizzie

NY Daily News 3/3/05 Lizzie's ladies on the lose?

USA Today 3/1/05 Lizzie Grubman sued by former employee

NY Daily News 2/10/05 Lizzie's bare market

TV Rules 1/17/05 Summary Guide: Lizzie Grubman's PoweR Girls Premieres March 10

Zap2It 8/19/04 MTV Believes Lizzie Grubman's Hype

NY Daily News 8/19/04 Look out for Lizzie on TV


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