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On this show ten city slickers from big cities around the nation are dropped into the small town of Vega, Texas, where they live for 28 days. The contestants compete in character-revealing challenges as well as challenges that give back to the community. The contestants are eliminated one by one until the final most popular remains and they are awarded $100,000. Unknown to the town the winner gets to give a prize to the town resident of their choice.


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News Articles about CMT Networks Popularity Contest show


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Reality News Online 5/2/05 Popularity Contest, Episode 4: Sing a Happy Song

Reality News Online 4/25/05 Popularity Contest, Episode 3: Wash Her Mouth Out With Soap

Reality News Online 4/23/05 Popularity Contest, Episode 2: Say Cheese

Reality News Online 4/21/05 Popularity Contest, Episode 1: Who's Your Daddy?

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Wireless Flash News Service 4/11/05 Small Town Folk Getting More Suspicious Of Reality Shows

MediaFiends.com 2/25/05 City slickers vie to become the most popular new resident in the new CMT series 'Popularity Contest'


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