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About WB Networks Popstars 2


This show chronicles the creation of new pop band.  In "Popstars 2," the group will be made up of males and females instead of just girls as in the original Popstars.


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News Articles about WB Networks Popstars and Popstars 2

NY Post 5/25/10 He invented 'Idol'

Daily Telegraph 9/24/06 Children lure Sophie to Sydney

Naples News 1/7/04 Actress's career has taken off since 2001 reality show

Digital Spy 12/8/02 'Popstars' Javine lands record deal

BBC 5/19/02 Popstars 'rejects' hit top spot

andPop 5/14/02 Will 'Popstars' Fizzle Out?

Produxion 2/7/02 Disney plans kids Popstars

Reality News Online 1/9/02 Popstars 2, Episode 11: Scene 23 -- 'Live' In Concert

Reality News Online 1/7/02 Popstars 2, Episode 10: Hello World

Reality News Online 12/22/01 Popstars 2, Episode 9: Making the Video with Scene 23

Reality News Online 12/20/01 New Popstars 2 Album Uneven, But Still Recommended

Reality News Online 12/16/01 Popstars 2, Episode 8: Spoilers from All Sides

Ananova 12/12/01 Popstars launched in India

Zap2It 12/10/01 12/10/01 Scene 23 Shoots Their First Music Video on Popstars

Reality News Online 12/10/01 Popstars 2, Episode 7: Letís Get Together ..Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Financial Express 12/7/01 Star set to produce Popstars in India for Channel V
Zap2It 12/6/01 The Group Loses a Member on Popstars

Zap2It 11/30/01 'Popstars' Unveiled

Reality News Online 11/30/01 Popstars 2, Episode 6: From 6000 to 6

Reality News Online 11/20/01 Popstars 2, Episode 5: And Then There Were Ten

Mighty Big TV 11/14/01 Jackie Has Issues, Y'all

Mighty Big TV 11/11/01 The Tension! The Tears! The Predictability!

Reality News Online 11/10/01 Popstars 2, Episode 4: Waiting for the Call / I Love L.A.
Reality News Online 11/6/01 Popstars 2, Episode 3: Dancing Machines

Mighty Big TV 11/3/01 If You Can't Dance


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Websites about Popstars (US)


Mighty Big TV - Popstars

Reality News Online - Popstars 2

Reality TV Links - Popstars Directory

Reality TV Talk - Popstars 2

Stone Stanley Entertainment

Yahoo WB Popstars Club

Zap2It Popstars Show Profile


Scene 23 Sites


Scene 23 Connection

Scene 23 Internet Search  

Scene 23 Unofficial Fan Site


Eden's Crush Sites


Ebay - Eden's Crush

Eden's Crush Official Website

Eden's Crush Fantasy

Eden's Crush Hotzone

Popstars Eden's Crush


Websites about Popstars (Non-US)


Australian Popstars

Australian Fan Site

Canadian Popstars

Heresay 2001

The Internet Forum - Popstars: The Rivals

Jam Showbiz - Canadian Popstars Articles

Popstars Rivals UK Website

Suzanne Shaw Heaven

Yahoo Club - Popstars News and Photos


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