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About Pepsi Play for a Billion

On this show contestants will be selected by randomly finding certain coded bottle caps. These contestants then compete for a $1 Million prize.  The prizewinner then gets a shot at a super grand prize of one billion U.S. dollars with the numbers chosen by a monkey. Damon Wayans is scheduled to host in 2004.  The show switches from The WB Network to ABC Network in 2004.

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News Articles about ABC Networks Pepsi Play for a Billion


TVRules 6/28/04 Destiny's Child To Perform on ABC's Pepsi Play For A Billion

Teen Music 6/25/04 Destiny's Child Team Up For Game

Zap2It 6/24/04 Destiny's Child Reunites for 'Billion'

PR Newswire 6/24/04 Destiny's Child to Perform on Pepsi's 'Play for a Billion' Show... 5/10/04 Pepsi's Play For A Billion Moves To ABC

E!Online 5/6/04 ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Billionaire"

Zap2It 5/5/04 'Play for a Billion' Comes to ABC

Ogden Reporter 9/17/03 Shucks! Glen Didn't Win A Billion!

The Saratogian 9/16/03 Saratoga Springs man wins $80,000 on TV

Zap2It 9/15/03 Nobody Wins Billion Dollars on WB

CNN 9/15/03 West Virginia teacher wins $1 million

Deseret News 9/13/03 Who wants to be a billionaire?

St Petersburg Times 9/13/03 Pepsi television pitch lies in chimp's hands

NY Daily News 9/12/03 This show won't play for chimp change

Des Moines Register 9/12/03 Billion to one?

Tucson Citizen 9/9/03 Billion-dollar dream

Kauai Garden Island News 9/7/03 TGI carrier Morris trying for $1 billion win


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