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Have you ever experienced dj vu or met someone you thought seemed familiar? Do you believe in karma, fate or love at first sight? From writer David Hudgins, and inspired by the book "The Reincarnationist" by M.J. Rose, comes FOX's "Past Life," a drama series about an unlikely pair of past-life detectives who investigate whether what is happening to you today is the result of who you were before. Dr. Kate McGinn on "Past Life" is not your typical psychologist. Confident, outspoken and highly educated, she works at The Talmadge Center for Behavioral Health in New York City, a world-renowned institute dedicated to the study of the science of the soul. After experiencing a past-life regression in her 20s, Kate became a believer in reincarnation.

News Articles about Fox Networks Past Life


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Access Atlanta 2/19/10 Fox’s ‘Past Life,’ shot mostly in Atlanta, put to death after three episodes

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Digital Spy 10/15/09 Fox reduces 'Past Life' order

Scripted TV Fans 8/12/09 Past Life @ Comic-Con 2009

Scripted TV Fans 6/5/09 Past Life Trailer

Scripted TV Fans 5/20/09 Past Life Preview Clips

Scripted TV Fans 5/18/09 FOX Announces New Midseason Series “Past Life”


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