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They tuck tickets under our windshields and clamp yellow boots to our car wheels. They are called every name in the book. Some try to run from them. Others try to run them over. They are the people we love to hate, but never before have they been so fascinating. A&E's new real-life series Parking Wars, premiering Tuesday, January 8 at 10:00pm ET/PT, is a behind the scenes ride with the men and women of the Philadelphia Parking Authority as they manage the chaos that is every driver's greatest nightmare.... parking!

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Reality TV Fans 9/21/10 A&E Announces Season Four of “Parking Wars” to Premiere October 12

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Boston Globe 1/15/08 Man vs. musclehead, man vs. meter maid

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NY Times 1/15/08 It’s Drivers vs. Meter Readers, and Guess Who Wins

Celebrity Spider 1/9/08 Preview for Next Week's Episodes of "Parking Wars" on A&E

Celebrity Spider 1/8/08 Preview for Tonight's Premiere Episodes of "Parking Wars" on A&E 1/8/08 'Parking Wars': Our reality

Home News Tribune 1/8/08 A&E reality show may drive you crazy

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South Coast Today 1/8/08 Will 'Parking Wars' be arresting television?

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Celebrity Spider 12/22/07 Parking Wars on A&E Network - Philadelphia Parking Authority Factoids

Celebrity Spider 12/10/07 A&E Announces New Series "Parking Wars" to Premiere January 8 12/11/07 Parking Authority to be spotlighted in reality-TV show


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