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About Outback Jack

On this show a masculine Australian man will select which of 12 cosmopolitan women can best handle life in the rugged land Down Under.  The women are unaware at the beginning that the man they are competing for lives in the outback and in dramatic fashion must actually parachute into the game.

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News Articles about TBS Networks Outback Jack


TV Robot 10/02/06 Outback Jack: Quirky and Cute

Herald Sun 1/30/05 Love Trumps Outback Jack

Reality TV Calendar 9/14/04 An Interview With Executive Producer Scott Satin

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Reality TV World 8/13/04 Outback Jack - Finale episode summary

Fans Of Reality TV 8/12/04 Outback Jack Finale: You Don't Know Jack!

Toronto Star 8/12/04 Jack picks 'fun' over 'tenacious'

Reality TV World 8/12/04 'Outback Jack's Vadim Dale selects Natalie Franzman over Marissa Clark in series finale

Reality News Online 8/12/04 Outback Jack, Episode 8: The Final Battle of Good Vs. Evil

Elites TV 8/11/04 Outback Jack: Journeys End and Begin

WAVE 8/11/04 Louisville Woman Makes It To Final Episode Of 'Outback Jack'

WDRB 8/11/04 Louisville woman wins "Outback Jack"

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/04 Just One Lady: Finale Recap

TVRules 8/11/04 Outback Jack: 8/10 Season Finale Summary

Courier Journal 8/11/04 It's Natalie!

Ocala Star-Banner 8/11/04 Reality bites for Ocalan

USA Today 8/11/04 They're head over heels Down Under

Big News 8/10/04 'Outback Jack:' Eliminating girls not fun

USA Today 8/10/04 'Outback' stakes: Another reality mismatch

Reality TV World 8/9/04 Outback Jack - Episode 7 summary

ET Online 8/9/04 'Outback Jack': The Saucy Aussie Takes His Prize!

Ocala Star-Banner 8/8/04 Ocala 'bad girl' closing in on 'Jack'

Fans Of Reality TV 8/8/04 Outback Jack 8/3/04: Meet Jack's Top Sheila

Courier Journal 8/5/04 One to go

TVRules 8/5/04 Outback Jack: Season Finale Preview 8/10


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