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This show reveals Australian history as never before. It is an adventure of a lifetime for a group of intrepid Australians who travel back in time to spend three months running a remote 19th century sheep station exactly as their forebears did in 1861. Using only the tools of the time, these modern day pioneers try to cope with the heat, the dust, the sheer hard work and the isolation, in a world without running water, electricity and technology.


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News Articles about A&E Networks Outback House


World Screen 11/7/05 A&E Takes ABC Enterprisesí Outback House

ABC 8/11/05 Outback House acquired by A&E Television Networks

SMH 6/25/05 Outback House

The Age 6/12/05 The history mystery

The Age 6/9/05 Out of the past

SMH 6/8/05 Under the bonnet


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