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On this show, a 10 episode reality series, producers will hold a casting search to find potential male and female stars to star in a NBC TV movie, titled "Bet Your Life." The series will kick off with a nationwide hunt for prospective stars, who will eventually be narrowed down to 12 finalists. The movie will be shown on August 4, 2004.


News Articles about NBC Networks Next Action Star


Reality News Online 8/17/04 "I Wanted My Acting To Speak Louder Than Anything Else"

Reality Shack 8/9/04 Next Action Star - Bet Your Life...Don't!

Reality News Online 8/5/04 "This Is Just the Beginning": An Interview with Next Action Star Sean Carrigan

Reality News Online 8/5/04 An Interview with Next Action Star Runner-Up Jeanne Bauer

TVRules 8/4/04 Next Action Star Episode 10, July 28, 2004 The End

NY Times 8/4/04 Going for the Ultimate Gamble: He Wins Only if He Can Survive

Times Record 8/3/04 Mt. Ararat High graduate competed on 'Next Action Star' television show

TVRules 7/31/04 Next Action Star Winners To Headline NBC Drama 'Bet Your Life'

Reality News Online 7/30/04 Next Action Star, Episode 10: And the Winners Are…

Fans of Reality TV 7/30/04 Running on Walls, Casting Calls, Racked... (7/28 recap)

NBCMV 7/29/04 'Next Action Star' Winners Make Their TV Movie Debut in Joel Silver's 'Bet Your Life on 8/4 on NBC

Reality TV World 7/29/04 Corinne Van Ryck de Groot and Sean Carrigan triumph in NBC's 'Next Action Star'

Reality Shack 7/29/04 Next Action Star -- Winners Announced

Reality TV Calendar 7/29/04 Skipped An Episode / Blew Us Off - Finale Recap

Reality News Online 7/28/04 I'll Be the Judge of That: Who Will Be the Next Action Star?

TVRules 7/27/04 Next Action Star: Bet Your Life, Next Action Star Movie, August 4 Preview

TVRules 7/27/04 Next Action Star: July 28 Preview (Updated) Season Finale

Reality News Online 7/27/04 Next Action Star, Episode 9 (the Unaired Episode): Road Kill, Hollywood Style

Fans Of Reality TV 7/26/04 Next Action Star 7/21/04 Recap: The Contestants are Free-Falling, and so is the Show

Reality TV World 7/26/04 Next Action Star - Episode 7 summary

Reality News Online 7/26/04 Next Action Star: The Mystery of the Missing Contestants

Reality News Online 7/25/04 Next Action Star, Episode 8: Just Hanging Around

Reality TV World 7/24/04 NBC to wrap up 'Next Action Star' one week early by skipping an episode

TVRules 7/22/04 Next Action Star Episode 8 - July 21, 2004 'The Last Kiss'

Reality TV Calendar 7/22/04 The Last Kiss: Episode 8 Recap


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