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"My Kind of Town" is a relentlessly energetic primetime studio show in which real American people, in all of their imperfect and awkward glory, have the chance to become the stars of their own show for one memorable night. Each week a lucky handful of residents selected from among the townspeople in the audience will participate in individualized comedic games and gags for prizes tailored to their own lives, interests and needs. One person from the group is chosen to play the big end game, where they will shoulder the burden of either winning or losing a huge prize for the other townspeople in the audience - all of whom they will see every day for the rest of their lives.  The show is hosted by Johnny Vaughn


News Articles about ABC Networks My Kind of Town


Celebrity Spider 9/6/05 My Kind of Town Moves on to Egg Harbor City, New Jersey on September 11

Celebrity Spider 9/1/05 My Kind of Town Heads to Ellenville New York for September 4th Show

Middletown Press 8/29/05 Deep River puts on a show

Dallas Morning News 8/27/05 Small towns hit the big-time on two new shows

Pictorial Gazette 8/23/05 Deep River residents to join ABC's 'Town'

Celebrity Spider 8/22/05 My Kind of Town Goes to Hopedale, Massachusetts August 28th

Shore Publishing 8/18/05 Deep River & ABC: A TV Reality

Celebrity Spider 8/16/05 My Kind of Town Goes to Mt. Horeb Wisconsin for August 21st Show

Hollywood Reporter 8/16/05 My Kind of Town

Mobile Register 8/14/05 ABC goes to Greenville, then residents go to ABC

Jam! 8/14/05 Small towns hit big time

NY Daily News 8/13/05 Small 'Town' visits NYC

USA Today 8/12/05 'Town' maps out new game show

Celebrity Spider 8/4/05 ABC Announces August 14th Premiere of "My Kind of Town"

Celebrity Spider 8/4/05 ABC Issues Bio for Johnny Vaughn, Host of My Kind of Town

Morning Call 8/4/05 Casting call for the quirky in Palmerton for 'My Kind of Town'

Celebrity Spider 7/14/05 ABC Announces New Comedic Reality Series "My Kind of Town"

Philly Burbs 7/6/05 Residents of Bordentown City chosen for ABC reality-TV show

Celebrity Spider 6/17/05 ABC Announces "My Kind of Town"

Zap2It 6/16/05 ABC Celebrates Small 'Town' America


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