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"Murder" is hosted by Detective Tommy Le Noir, a 27-year Arlington, Texas decorated law enforcement veteran who is responsible for multiple capital murder convictions. Each episode begins with Detective Le Noir escorting two groups of civilians into an exact replica crime scene pulled from the files of a solved homicide case. The original crime scenes are re-created down to the very last detail so that each group can experience exactly what the original detectives encountered. Every pertinent detail available to the original detectives has been recreated and is available to the groups, who then assess the crime scene and collect evidence. The groups are given a list of potential suspects, an opportunity to analyze the suspect's interrogation tapes and then meet with a coroner to review the findings of the original autopsy report. The participants are given 48 hours to complete their investigation, collect and catalogue their evidence and use their own smarts and instincts to find the murderer. Each group makes a dynamic visual presentation with its findings to Detective Le Noir. After the presentations, Detective Le Noir presents what actually happened at the crime scene and reveals which group identified the correct killer. Each week, the group that made the correct or most compelling, case will have a donation made in their names to a selected victim's charity.


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