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"Momma's Boys," the mother of all reality dating shows -- from multimedia talent-producer, Ryan Seacrest of Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP), and Glassman Media -- will debut on December 16 from 9-10 p.m. ET. The series centers on three possessive, yet loving mothers who must help their complacent sons choose the perfect woman -- and ultimately poses the question: "Who is really the most important woman in every man's life?"

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Reality TV World 1/20/09  'Momma's Boys' ends with two bachelors rebelling against their moms
Reality TV Magazine 1/20/09 Momma's Boys Ends With Moms Losing Their Grip On The Boys
Reality TV Fans 1/19/09 Momma’s Boys Season Finale Tonight on NBC
Reality News Online 1/14/09 Momma’s Boys, Episode 5: Throw Momma Off the Island
Reality TV Magazine 1/13/09 Momma's Boys Goes Tropical and Eliminates Three More
Reality TV Fans 1/12/09 The Moms Do Not See Eye to Eye With Their Son’s Choices Tonight on Momma’s Boys
Fans of Reality TV 1/8/09 Recap: Ho-Ho-Holiday Drama!
Reality News Online 1/6/09 Momma's Boys, Episode 4: Throw Momma From the Helicopter
Reality TV Magazine 1/6/09 Momma's Boys Celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah Traditions
Reality TV Fans 1/5/09 The Bachelors, Moms & Remaining Ladies Visit the Virgin Islands Tonight on Momma’s Boys
Fans of Reality TV 1/2/08 Recap: Put Another Bimbo in the Barbie
Reality News Online 12/31/08 Momma’s Boys, Episode 3: Pandora’s Box
Reality TV Magazine 12/30/08 NBC Momma's Boys Sends Five More Girls Packing
Reality TV Fans 12/29/08 The Ladies Face a Cooking Challenge Tonight on Momma’s Boys
Reality TV Fans 12/26/08 Penthouse Pet of the Year Starring in NBC’s Momma’s Boys Show
Fans of Reality TV 12/26/08 Recap: Bimbo Boot Camp
Reality News Online 12/24/08 Momma’s Boys, Episode 2: A Double-Helping of Momma
Reality TV Magazine 12/23/08 Momma's Boys: Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White To Appear
Reality TV Magazine 12/23/08 Momma's Boys Send Many Girls Home
Zap2It 12/23/08 'Momma's Boys': Twists, turns and tears
Reality News Online 12/22/08 Momma’s Boys, Episode 1:  Throw Momma into the Train Wreck
Detroit Free Press 12/22/08 Viewers fascinated by non-PC mom
Fans of Reality TV 12/18/08 Recap: Bimbo-palooza
BuddyTV 12/17/08 'Momma's Boys' Review: Where Relationships and Racism Meet

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