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About The Mole


A sequel to The Mole on ABC Network, The Mole 5 follows 12 players as they try to figure out who among them is The Mole. By working as a team to complete a series of challenging physical and mental games, the players earn money for the pot, up to 

$1,000,000 which one winner will eventually take home. Produced by Stone Stanley Entertainment.


News Articles about The Mole and Celebrity Mole

Reality News Online 8/27/08 “This Was All for Her and the Kids” – An Interview With ‘The Mole 5’ Winner Mark Lambrecht
BuddyTV 8/23/08 The Mole: Should ABC Resurrect the Celebrity Edition?
Reality News Online 8/18/08 The Mole 5, The Usual Suspects, The Finale - Game, Set, Mole
RealityShack  8/15/08 The Mole Season 5, Finale – The Luckiest Winner Ever
Reality TV World 8/14/08 Exclusive: 'The Mole' exposed, Craig Slike and executive producer dish
Reality TV World 8/13/08 Exclusive: 'The Mole' winner Mark Lambrecht talks about his victory
Fans of Reality TV Recap 8/13/08: The Mole Comes Out of the Closet
Reality TV World 8/13/08 Exclusive: Nicole Williams talks about her 'The Mole' experience
Reality TV Magazine 8/13/08: The Mole: Who Won The Game And Who Was The Mole?
IGN 8/13/08 The Mole: "Episode 510" Review
BuddyTV 8/12/08 What Went Wrong With 'The Mole'?
Reality TV Fans 8/12/08 Beyond Reality - The Mole Winner & Reunion 8/11/08
Reality TV World 8/12/08 Mark Lambrecht wins 'The Mole,' Craig Slike revealed as saboteur
Reality News Online 8/12/08 The Mole 5 Finale: All Is Revealed
Milwaukee Journal 8/12/08 ‘The Mole’ goes underground for the Packers exhibition game
BuddyTV 8/11/08 The Mole 5: Season Finale Recap

TV FunSpot 8/11/08 I'm the Mole! - That Mole is one Sneaky Son of a--
Zap2It 8/11/08 FinaleWatch: 'The Mole'
RealityShack 8/9/08 The Mole, Season 5, Episode 9 – Scariest. Bomb Squad. Ever.
Celebrity Spider 8/8/08 The Mole: Who Will Be The Winner? Next Week On ABC
Reality News Online 8/8/08 The Mole 5, The Usual Suspects, Episode 9: The Final Countdown
Fans of Reality TV 8/8/08 Review: FORT Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 9

Reality News Online 8/6/08 The Mole 5, Episode 9: Bridge Over Moley Waters
Reality TV World 8/5/08 'The Mole's three remaining fifth-season players take their final quiz
Reality TV Magazine 8/5/08: The Mole: Tick, Tock Boom!


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