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VH1's new series dares to ask the question, "Can five grown up Boy Band heart throbs join forces to capture new fame and fortune?" The Experiment: Five Boy Band Legends live together for three weeks, create new music, a dynamic stage show and perform as a new pop group. Will lightning strike twice? The Cast: While every former Boy Band heart throb has his own story, many are remarkably similar. Some achieved true Superstardom; others were delivered crushing blows by bad management, shady producers and a public that didn't want to see them grow up. For every survivor story, there are those who barely made it out of the Boy Band Machine alive. Each member of the cast finds himself at a different stage in his career. Some may be confident, financially comfortable and just looking to make new music. Some might be stacking produce after being forced to take a day job. Still others may have faced profound life challenges (divorce, illness etc.) that have changed their outlook and given them something to write about.


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