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You can run and you can hide but you can never escape… who you were in high school. Becky Freeley thought she had left her teenage self behind when she returned to her old school to work as the guidance counselor. It wasn't until Lisa, her gorgeous former nemesis, joined the faculty that Becky realized her cover was blown. In high school, Becky was an underachiever, a social bottom feeder and a dork. Today, she's attractive, confident and has an admirer in the school's male nurse. Becky, however, has her eye on Tim, an earnest, single Spanish teacher. Unfortunately, so does Lisa. When Lisa was in high school, she was beautiful, popular and smart. While Becky pined secretly for Lisa's boyfriend, Lisa barely knew Becky existed. This time around, however, Becky is determined to prove that she has changed and to help her students have an easier time than she did. In the pilot, Becky counsels a young girl in search of a date for the homecoming dance. At the same time, Becky is looking for a date for herself and must confront the fact that she hasn't changed as much as she thought she had. As the guidance counselor, Becky provides us with an inside look at the lives of both the students and faculty. More importantly, Becky has the opportunity to answer the question: If you could go back, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? Miss Guided is a show about second chances -- not only for Becky, but for Lisa and Tim, as well.

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