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This show is a life-changing series about real people overcoming almost insurmountable odds with the help of an elite team of medical professionals.


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News Articles about ABC Networks Miracle Workers


KYW 4/2/06 Ethics of New Medical Reality Show Called Into Question

Chicago Sun Times 4/1/06 Heart patient's story lacks 'Miracle' ending

Access Hollywood 3/30/06 'Miracle Workers' Patient Dies

Jam! 3/29/06 Heart patient featured on ABC reality show Miracle Workers dies

Celebrity Spider 3/27/06 Miracle Workers Preview for March 27th

Fox News 3/24/06 Extreme Health Care? Reality TV Show Features Cutting Edge Medicine

Bradenton Herald 3/21/06 'Miracle Workers' episode creates suspense

Times Union 3/19/06 'Miracle' TV show lacks reality

Celebrity Spider 3/14/06 Doctors Work to Restore a Man's Arm & Foot on the next "Miracle Workers"

Celebrity Spider 3/7/06 Doctors Help a Toddler and a Young Woman on the next "Miracle Workers"

Media Life 3/7/06 ABC's 'Miracle Workers': Not so much

Philly.com 3/6/06 Questioning 'Miracles'

Galesburg Register-Mail 3/6/06 Galesburg native a 'Miracle Worker'

Chicago Tribune 3/6/06 `Miracle' puts love, science in balance

NY Times 3/6/06 A Network Plays Guardian Angel in the O.R.

Courier Journal 3/6/06 ABC's 'Miracle Worker' is a godsend to families it helps

NY Daily News 3/6/06 This medical 'Miracle' has us in critical state

Hartford Courant 3/6/06 An `Extreme Makeover' That Fixes Medical Conditions

Hollywood Reporter 3/6/06 Miracle Workers

Post Gazette 3/6/06 'Miracle Workers' feels doctored

Zap2It 3/5/06 'Miracle Workers' Goes Medical to the Max

SouthFlorida.com 3/5/06 The miracle of modern TV

Plain Dealer 3/5/06 Doctors say TV inflates patients' expectations

Miami Herald 3/4/06 Miami doctor strives for TV fame

Deseret News 3/4/06 It's a 'Miracle'

Celebrity Spider 2/27/06 Elite Team of "Miracle Workers" Biographies, Show Premieres March 6th

Celebrity Spider 2/18/06 Miracle Workers March 6 Premiere Preview

Reality TV Links 2/16/06 Casting Call - Miracle Workers

NY Times 1/16/06 Raising Reality-TV Stakes, Show Plans to Offer Medical 'Miracles'

Slate 2/8/05 Extreme Makeover, Critical Condition Edition

NY Times 2/7/05 ABC to Bring Medical Care Into the Reality Show Realm


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