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About Minding the Store on TBS 


This show stars Pauly Shore. Follow him as he attempts to manage the family business, the world famous Comedy Store.  Pauly has run ins with his mother (who founded the business in 1976) about how to manage the business and his personal life.


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News Articles about TBS Networks Minding the Store


Reality TV World 8/13/05 Pauly Shore hopes 'Minding the Store' show will change his image

Celebrity Spider 7/30/05 Pauly Shore Offers Dissatisfied Minding the Store Viewers Rebates

Celebrity Spider 7/24/05 Pauly Shore: "I Fear I'm a Sex Addict"

Mercury News 7/17/05 Shore enters more mature career phase
Dallas Morning News 7/17/05 The laughs are cheap at Pauly Shore's 'Store'

Chicago Sun-Times 7/17/05 Out of the 'Bio-Dome' and into the 'Store'

Post Gazette 7/17/05 TV Preview: Pauly Shore hops on the reality bandwagon

NY Daily News 7/17/05 The comeback kid

Boston Globe 7/16/05 A desperate comic won't leave the stage

NY Daily News 7/16/05 Shore a snore in 'Store'

NY Times 7/15/05 Running Mom's Comedy Club While Walking a Tightrope

Gwinnett Daily Post 7/15/05 Shore takes over his mom’s club in ‘Minding the Store’

Hollywood Reporter 7/15/05 Minding the Store

Suburban Chicago News 7/14/05 Pauly Shore abandons silly past on new reality show

Zap2It 7/14/05 The Not-Quite-Real Life of Pauly Shore

USA Today 7/14/05 Pauly Shore harnesses his roots

Celebrity Spider 7/7/05 Pauly Shore Offers Money Back Guarantee

MSNBC 7/7/05 Pauly Shore minding ‘Store’ on reality show

Zap2It 7/7/05 Pauly: Laugh at My Show, or Your Money Back

Wireless Flash News Service 6/23/05 Pauly Shore Reveals: `I Used To Be The Funny Guy'

NY Daily News 2/16/05 Pauly has a series in 'Store'

Zap2It 2/15/05 TBS Reality Series Washes Up Pauly Shore


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