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Michael grew up in St. Petersburg, FL, and has been singing since he was in junior high. He played football for the University of Central Florida, and currently works as a personal trainer.  His birth date is May 31, 1983.  Michael made the top 12 by performing “This Love” by Maroon 5 (Feb. 24), “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown (March 2) and “This Woman’s Work” by Maxwell (March 10)


News Articles about American Idol Contestant Michael Lynche


Maryville Daily Times 9/10/14 R&B singer, ‘American Idol’ contestant kicks off Clayton Center season

People 2/23/12 Michael Lynche Welcomes Son Kingston Michael

Zap2It 4/9/11 Reality Rocks 2011: Michael Lynche is 'Ready for Love'

Zap2It 6/14/10 'American Idol': Michael Lynche, a python and 'Unnatural History'

Reality TV Fans 5/28/10 American Idol: Michael Lynche Interview

Reality TV Fans 5/18/10 American Idol’s Michael Lynche Appears on David Letterman

Reality TV Tickets 5/15/10 American Idols Live Tour Dates and Ticket Sale Announced

Foxes On Idol 5/14/10 American Idol 9: Why Mike Lost

Gather 5/14/10 American Idol 2010 - Michael Lynche Hits Ellen, Top 3 Theme & The Idols Go Home [Video]

People 5/14/10 Michael Lynche: Leaving Idol Is Just the ‘Beginning of the Journey’

LA Times 5/14/10 Michael Lynche looks back on his time in 'La-La Land'

BuddyTV 5/13/10 Michael Lynche's Season in Review

E!Online 5/13/10 American Idol: Does Michael Lynche Regret Missing His Baby's Birth Now?

LA Times 5/13/10 Why Big Mike was sent home

Zap2It 5/12/10 'American Idol': Big Michael Lynche eliminated after 'Free Willy' song

Gather 5/11/10 American Idol 2010 - Casey James & Michael Lynche Ask Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman [Video]

Deseret News 5/4/10 New York City neighbors pulling for 'Big Mike' to win 'American Idol'

NY Post 4/29/10 Inked 'Idols' - Michael, Siobhan, Lee & Crystal bond with tats

Reality TV Magazine 4/10/10 American Idol: Randy Jackson Defends Decision To Save Michael Lynche

Gather 4/10/10 American Idol 2010 - Randy Jackson Speaks Out About Idol Save & Idol Goes Animated On The Simpsons 

People 4/9/10 Randy Jackson: Saving Michael Lynche on Idol Was ‘Right’

BuddyTV 4/8/10 You Weigh In: Did the 'Idol' Judges Waste the Save on Big Mike?

MediaFiends.com 4/8/10 AI: For the Benefit of Mr. ‘Lynche

Reality TV Calendar 4/8/10 Big Mike Saved And Nobody Goes Home - Commentary and Recap

US Magazine 4/8/10 Idol: Why the Judges Saved Michael Lynche

Zap2It 4/7/10 'American Idol': Michael Lynche saved

Zap2It 4/6/10 'American Idol': 'Eleanor Rigby' gets R&B twist from Michael Lynche

NY Daily News 4/4/10 'American Idol' contestant Michael (Big Mike) Lynche finds his voice in New York City

Zap2It 3/31/10 'American Idol' Top 10: Michael Lynche, Lee Dewyze join Crystal Bowersox as frontrunners

NY Daily News 3/24/10 'American Idol' 2010: Crystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche are front-runners for Top 10

Gather.com 3/23/10 When A Man Loves A Woman - Miley Hits American Idol - Michael Lynche Performance

Zap2It 3/15/10 'American Idol's' Michael Lynche: 'You gotta take everything to your world'

St. Petersburg Times 3/12/10 Lynche gets chorus of praise for 'Idol' performance

MTV 3/12/10 Michael Lynche Profile: 'Idol' Finalist 'Plans On Being Around For A Long Time'

My Fox 3/12/10 Local 'Idol' hopefuls make it to the top 12

Gather.com 3/11/10 American Idol 9 – Michael Lynche Nails This Woman's Work

MTV 3/11/10 'This Woman's Work': Story Behind Michael Lynche's 'Idol' Cover

People 3/11/10 American Idol: Michael and Tim Turn Up the Heat

NY Daily News 3/11/10 Michael Lynche wows with 'This Woman's Work' on 'American Idol' as top-8 guys perform

Digital Spy 3/11/10 DioGuardi in tears after 'Idol' performance

USA Today 3/11/10 Blake Lewis: 'Floored' by Michael Lynche's 'This Woman's Work'

Zap2It 3/10/10 'American Idol' Top 8 men: Michael Lynche alone saves the night

Orlando Sentinel 3/5/10 American Idol: Former UCF football player Michael Lynche advances to Top 16

USA Today 3/3/10 Blake Lewis: Michael Lynche 'set the bar high' for guys

Orlando Sentinel 3/3/10 American Idol: Former UCF football player Michael Lynche impresses judges

Billboard 2/25/10 'American Idol' Recap: Michael Lynche Can't Salvage Sub-Par Night

Orlando Sentinel 2/25/10 ‘American Idol’: Former UCF student Michael Lynche charms judges

St. Petersburg Times 2/23/10 Former teachers praise Michael Lynche as he commands 'Idol' stage

NY Post 2/18/10 'Idol' King of Queens


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