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(Age 21) From Tampa, FL (Auditioned in Denver) – Melissa was born and raised in Tampa. At the young age of 4 Melissa embarked on her performing career. A true romantic, Melissa enjoys singing, dancing and going to the beach in her free time.


News Articles about American Idol 5 Contestant Melissa McGhee


Tampa Tribune 2/4/08 'Idol' Singer, Radio Jock Host Films On WMOR

St. Petersburg Times 6/9/06 Idol finalist takes on underwater gig

Foxes On Idol 3/23/06 American Idol 5: Why Melissa Lost 3/18/06 Exit interview: Melissa McGhee

Fans of Reality TV 3/17/06 American Idol Interview With Melissa McGhee

TBO 3/17/06 It's A Wonder Tampa 'Idol' Contestant Leaves Show Before Less-Talented Singers

Reality TV World 3/17/06 Eliminated 'Idol' finalist Melissa McGhee remains confident despite flub

Reality TV Magazine 3/17/06 Melissa McGhee: The American Idol Contestant Nobody Knew

Celebrity Spider 3/16/06 Melissa McGhee Eliminated From American Idol, Next Week 50's Music

Entertainment Weekly 3/16/06 The Stevie Slip-up

MTV 3/16/06 Melissa McGhee Blames 'Idol' Flub On Nerves, Thinking Too Hard

MSNBC 3/16/06 ‘Idol’ fans scold Melissa for flubbing lyrics

St. Petersburg Times 3/16/06 'America is not that forgiving'

Reality TV World 3/16/06 Melissa McGhee becomes the first 'American Idol 5' finalist eliminated

Chart Attack 3/16/06 Melissa McGhee Whisked Out Of Idol Competition

MSNBC 3/16/06 Forget about it, Melissa

Tampa Bay Online 3/16/06 'Idol' Voters Send Tampa Woman Packing

MTV 3/16/06 'American Idol' Voters Send Melissa McGhee Packing

Reality TV Magazine 3/15/06 America Idol Results: Melissa McGhee Is Eliminated As Expected

Zap2It 3/15/06 'Idol': Melissa's Premonition Doesn't Miss This Time

St. Petersburg Times 3/15/06 'American Idol' judges like McGhee's performance

Tampa Bay Online 3/14/06 America Has Voted And So Far Disagrees With 'Idol' Judge About Tampa Contestant

St. Petersburg Times 3/10/06 Alive and singin'

Tampa Bay Online 3/7/06 Simon Says, 'Connect With Audience' - Or Else Tampa 'Idol' Wanna-Be Won't Last

St. Petersburg Times 3/7/06 Tampa Idol contestant singing her heart out

St. Petersburg Times 3/3/06 Tampa 'Idol' singer advances

Tampa Bay Online 2/28/06 Tampa 'Idol' Contestant To Kick Up Effort With Help From Her Friends And A Moose

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Top 24 American Idol Semifinalists Revealed


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