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Under-appreciated Moms are given a surprise luxury vacation while Dad is left to run the household and mind the kids for a week in the hilarious new comedy reality show "Meet Mister Mom."  This show is every Mom's fantasy and every Mom's revenge. Each episode showcases the comedy that ensues when two very busy families realize just how irreplaceable Mom is in their daily lives. Humorously told from the children's perspectives, every episode will also include valuable information for families on how to better manage their lives together.


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News Articles about NBC Networks Meet Mr. Mom


Reality News Online 9/9/05 Meet Mr. Mom, Episode 6: Positively Ooky!

Reality News Online 9/2/05 Meet Mr. Mom, Episode 5: Birds & Bees? Oy Vey!

Reality News Online 8/25/05 Meet Mr. Mom, Episode 4: Dads in Doo-Doo

Reality News Online 8/18/05 Meet Mr. Mom, Episode 3: Moooooooo!

Reality News Online 8/11/05 Meet Mr. Mom, Episode 2: Five Boys For Sale 8/9/05 Meet Mister Mom: Episode 2 Preview, Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Jam! 8/9/05 'Mister Mom' light-hearted TV fare

Reality News Online 8/3/05 Meet Mr. Mom 1, Episode 1: Are the Llamas Nervous Too?

Reality News Online 8/2/05 Meet Mr. Mom: A Preview

TV Guide 8/2/05 Playing Mister Mom Makes Dads Cry

Tampa Bay Online 8/2/05 Viewers May Be Better Off Not Meeting NBC's New 'Mister Mom'

Courier Journal 8/2/05 Stereotypical 'Meet Mister Mom' suffers from stupidity

Hartford Courant 8/2/05 Mom To Spa; Dad Does The Work On `Meet Mister Mom'

Hollywood Reporter 8/1/05 Meet Mister Mom

NY Post 8/1/05 'Mom' Is Stuck In The 1950s

Austin 360 7/30/05 Austinites star in new reality show

Haddon Herald 7/28/05 Former Haddonfield woman is producing reality TV

Reality TV World 6/2/05 NBC moves its 'Meet Mister Mom' premiere to August 2

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 NBC Announces Meet Mr. Mom


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