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Maui Fever explores the lives of several young Kaanapali, Maui locals navigating their way through life on the small island, juggling the revolving door of tourists while trying to maintain stable relationships and establish what they want for their future. The constant threat of temptation causes waves for Cheyne, Chante, Anthony, Anna, Corbin, Sean and Jesse who are just trying to make a good time out of life.


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News Articles about MTV Networks Maui Fever


Media Fiends 2/21/07 'Maui Fever,' trash rutting in the sand

KHNL 2/6/07 Cast members of MTV show catch heat from locals

Michigan Daily 2/5/07 MTV mocks reality with rich-kid paradise

The Maui News 2/4/07 MTV shocked by response to show

Penn State Digital Collegian 2/2/07 'Maui Fever'

Chicago Sun Times 1/24/07 Locals doing slow burn over MTV's 'Maui Fever'

NY Post 1/22/07 Locals Object to MTV's New `Maui Fever'

Maui News 1/21/07 MTVís íMaui Feverí makes some residents sick

Global Surf News 1/20/07 Body Glove's Cheyne Magnusson hits MTV reality show

Honolulu Advertiser 1/17/07 MTV Does Maui

NY Post 1/6/07 MTV Catches 'Maui Fever'

Reality TV World 1/5/07 MTV's new 'Laguna'-like 'Maui Fever' series to premiere January 17

Celebrity Spider 1/4/07 MTV Announces New Series "Maui Fever" to Premiere January 17th

Honolulu Advertiser 1/4/07 MTV show based on Maui debuts Jan. 17

Reality TV World 8/28/06 MTV filming new 'Living Lahaina,' 'Island Fever' reality shows in Hawaii

NY Post 8/28/06 Aloha, Oy

Star Bulletin 8/25/06 2 new MTV reality shows will use Valley Isle as a backdrop


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