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About Matt Hoffman


Matt Hoffman is 32 years old is a Web designer from Elgin, Illinois.


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News Articles about Big Brother 12 contestant Matt Hoffman


Reality News Online 9/27/10 Exclusive Post-Show Interview with Big Brother 12’s Matt

Big Brother 247 9/16/10 Big Brother 12 – Backyard Interview with Matt

Zap2It 9/16/10 'Big Brother 12' bromance: Can Ragan and Matt repair their friendship?

Big Brother 247 9/10/10 Big Brother 12 Episode 28 Clip – Matt Coming Clean

Reality News Online 9/2/10 Big Brother 12: Why Matt Lost

Zap2It 9/1/10 Booted Big Brother Star Matt Regrets Betraying His BFF 8/29/10 Big Brother Season 12: Exclusive Interview with Matt Hoffman

Reality TV Bites 8/27/10 Hey Matt, Better Luck Next Time You Big Dummy

Zap2It 8/27/10 'Big Brother 12's' Matt: 'Greatest experience of my life to date'

Reality News Online 8/26/10 Big Brother 12, August 25 Episode from a Twitter Perspective: The Matt Debate

Reality TV Calendar 8/23/10 Spoiler: Smitten Ragan Fights For Matt While Rat Matt Betrays Ragan - Big Sister Report

Cinema Spider 8/11/10 Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlight - Kathy Freaks Out Matt

Big Brother 247 8/9/10 Big Brother 12 Episode 14 Clip – The Brain’s Nominations

Zap2It 7/30/10 'Big Brother 12's' Matt Hoffman was on 'Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back'

BuddyTV 7/29/10 'Big Brother 12': Matt's HoH Photos

People 7/26/10 Big Brother‘s Matt Goes from Pawn to Power Player

Big Brother 247 7/24/10 Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlight – Matt’s Not A Ronnie

BuddyTV 7/23/10 5 Reasons Matt Is My Favorite 'Big Brother 12' HG

People 7/22/10 Big Brother: ‘Diabolical Genius’ Matt Makes His Move

Digital Spy 7/19/10 Matt slams strategising houseguests

Digital Spy 7/19/10 Enzo, Matt set out future strategy

Big Brother 247 7/17/10 Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlight – Matt’s Saboteur Theory

Digital Spy 7/13/10 Matt: 'Britney is the saboteur'

Big Brother 247 7/12/10 Big Brother 12 Episode 2 Clip – The Brigade Alliance is Formed

Zap2It 7/6/10 'Big Brother 12's' Matt had to postpone doing 'Big Brother' for his wedding

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/10 Matt - Intelligent, Creative And A Sweet Talker - Big Sister's Take

Big Brother 247 7/2/10 Big Brother 12 – You Ask They Tell: Matt
Courier News 7/1/10 Elgin man gains shot on 'Big Brother 12'

Reality TV Fans 6/30/10 CBS Announces 13 New Houseguests for Big Brother 12


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