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About Marvin Latimer

Marvin Latimer is 36 years old and comes from Conway, South Carolina.  He is single and works as a mortician.
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News Articles about Big Brother 5 Contestant Marvin Latimer


The State 6/21/06 Marvin misses out on ‘Big Brother’ all-stars

Reality Shack 10/8/04 Interview With Marvin Latimer of Big Brother 5

JokersUpdates 10/6/04 Interview with Marvin Latimer from BB5

Big Brother Updates 9/30/04 Interview with Big Brother 5's Marvin Latimer - Stirring it up!

Reality News Online 9/6/04 Big Brother 5: Why Marvin Lost

Reality TV Calendar 9/5/04 Marvin's Luck Runs Out: Episode 25 Recap

Reality TV World 9/5/04 Marvin Latimer becomes the ninth houseguest to be evicted from the 'Big Brother 5' house

Reality TV Calendar 9/5/04 The Trouble With Marvin

Zap2It 9/4/04 Marvin Runs Out of Chances on 'BB5'

Reality Reel 8/29/04 Marvin Latimer Makes His Acting Debut On "The Young And The Restless," Monday, Aug. 30

Reality TV Calendar 8/27/04 Marvins The Man: Commentary by Professor Dan

CBS 8/27/04 Natalie Nixed, Marvin HOH

CBS 8/18/04 Adria Scores Veto: Marvin And Will Stay On The Block

CBS 8/15/04 A Rules The Day: Marvin & Will Nominated

CBS 7/21/04 Jase Snags PoV, Marvin Puts Karen On The Block 7/19/04 - It’s What Marvin Wants This Week on BB5

CBS 7/18/04 Marvin Has Spoken: Lori & Holly On The Block

Zap2It 6/30/04 Meet the Latest Pack of 'Big Brother' Shut-ins


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