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Five alternative lifestyle people are put into a house with 10 guests that have mainstream lifestyles.   The guests are invited to participate in challenges that reflect the alternate lifestyles.  The "Alts" then judge the guests on a variety of criteria including openness and tolerance.  Each week a guest is voted out by the Alts until a winner remains to collect 100K.

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News Articles about Sci-Fi Networks Mad Mad House


TV Robot 10/5/06 A Reality Show Worth Playing: Mad, Mad House

News Tribune 5/2/04 Rochester home is 'Mad Mad House' for one night

Reality TV World 5/1/04 Mad Mad House - Finale Episode summary

Zap2It 5/1/04 'Mad Mad House' Rewards Enlightenment

Reality News Online 4/29/04 Mad Mad House, Episode 8: No Noose Is Good Noose

Reality TV World 4/26/04 Mad Mad House - Episode 8 summary

Wichita Eagle 4/21/04 The raw truth? Decide for yourself

Reality News Online 4/19/04 Episode 7: Shifting Alliances and the Three Blood Martini Lunch

Reality TV World 4/18/04 Mad Mad House - Episode 7 summary

Reality TV World 4/13/04 Mad Mad House - Episode 6 summary

Reality News Online 4/13/04 Mad Mad House, Episode 6: The Nichole Show

Reality News Online 4/12/04 An Interview with Bonnie from ‘Mad Mad House’ 4/5/04 Voodoo Agency Files Suit Against Sci Fi Channel Reality Show

Reality News Online 4/5/04 Mad Mad House, Episode 5: A Suspension of Disbelief

Reality TV World 4/5/04 Mad Mad House - Episode 5 summary

Reality TV World 3/30/04 Mad Mad House - Episode 4 summary

Reality News Online 3/29/04 Mad Mad House, Episode 4: Let Sleeping Vampires Lie

Chicago Sun Times 3/25/04 Alternative reality

Reality News Online 3/22/04 Mad Mad House, Episode 3: The Devil and the Piggly Wiggly

Reality TV World 3/21/04 Mad Mad House - Episode 2 summary
Star Telegram 3/20/04 Student gets a dose of reality TV

Reality TV World 3/16/04 Mad Mad House - Episode 2 summary

Reality News Online 3/14/04 Ep2: Is that a cucumber in your loincloth or are you just happy to see me?

Reality TV World 3/9/04 Scifi Channel's 'Mad Mad House' premieres to over 1.5 million viewers

Zap2It 3/8/04 Sci Fi Premieres Score Big

Abilene Reporter News 3/7/04 ACU student stars in reality TV series

Reality News Online 3/7/04 Mad Mad House, Episode 1: That Voodoo That You Do So Well

Reality TV World 3/7/04 Mad Mad House - Episode 1 summary

Chicago Tribune 3/4/04 Sci Fi's title tactics attract the young

Contra Costa Times 3/4/04 It is a mad, mad reality TV world

Boston Globe 3/4/04 Ghoulish fun is reality in Sci Fi's new 'House'

Newsday 3/4/04 Freak factor

Miami Herald 3/4/04 In reality, 'Mad Mad House' is really all-around appalling

Deseret News 3/4/04 'Mad' is OK; phony is not

Denver Post 3/4/04 The house of heebie-jeebies

NY Times 3/4/04 Reality and a Cartoon (or Vice Versa), Both on Sci Fi

Toronto Star 3/4/04 Mad Mad House a bad bad show

Beacon Journal 3/4/04 `Mad Mad' `bad bad show'

NY Daily News 3/4/04 'Mad Mad' loons look geek to me

Star Ledger 3/4/04 Weirdoes' revenge

Reality News Online 3/4/04 Mad Mad House: Something Wiccan This Way Comes 3/2/04 'Mad Mad House' Premieres Thursday, March 4th

Reality TV World 2/29/04 African religious group sues 'Mad Mad House',...... 

Zap2It 2/27/04 When Worlds Collide in Sci Fi's 'Mad Mad House'

Reality TV World 2/18/04 Scifi Channel's 'Mad Mad House' begins spooking on March 4


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