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On this show Lowe plays Jack Turner, an attorney with high ideals must fit into the real world of a large law firm. Turner reluctantly accepts the job of managing partner after his predecessor falls to his death under mysterious circumstances.


News Articles about Lyon's Den


Deseret News 1/8/04 Lowe says NBC pulled plug on 'Lyon's Den' too quickly

Television Without Pity 12/1/03 Ex 11/12/03 An online lifeline for 'Lyon's Den'

Deseret News 11/5/03 No 'Lyon': Lowe's show is in trouble

NY Daily News 11/3/03 NBC axes 'Lyon's Den,' 'Coupling'

Miami Herald 10/30/03 NBC Puts 'The Lyon's Den' on Nov. Hiatus
Zap2It 10/29/03 'Lyon's Den' Vanishing from NBC's November

Futon Critic 10/29/03 NBC Drops 'Lyon's Den' for Sweeps

Television Without Pity 10/28/03 Trick Or Treat

Television Without Pity 10/23/03 Hubris

ET Online 10/22/03 Rob Lowe Confesses His Stylish Vices!

NBCMV 10/21/03 Peter MacNicol and Kelli Williams Return to Court in NBC's 'The Lyon's Den'

Zap2It 10/21/03 Veteran TV Lawyers Find New Courtroom on 'Lyon's Den'

Television Without Pity 10/18/03 Things She Said

Television Without Pity 10/9/03 The Other Side of Caution

Media Life 10/8/03 'The Lyon's Den,' NBC's best new show

Boston Globe 10/5/03 Lowe says he felt slighted by Sorkin

Television Without Pity 9/30/03 Pilot 9/28/03 Rob Lowe enters NBC's 'Lyon's Den'

Kansas City Star 9/28/03 Lowe's aim isn't high enough on `Lyon's Den'

Beacon Journal 9/28/03 Pickens lands in 'The Lyon's Den'

The Oregonian 9/28/03 'West Wing,' Grisham cast big shadows on 'Lyon's Den' 9/28/03 'Cold Case,' 'Lyon's Den' focus on two crusaders

Post Gazette 9/28/03 Lowe out of 'West Wing' and into 'Lyon's Den' 9/27/03 NBC doesn't throw much subtlety and smarts into 'The Lyon's Den'

NY Times 9/27/03 Novices in Legal Purgatory

Calgary Sun 9/27/03 Lowe down on Lyon

Contra Costa Times 9/27/03 Lowe, cast give 'Lyon's' its bite

Star Ledger 9/27/03 On Sunday's legal follies, it's Rob Lowe vs. 'The Practice'

Dallas Morning News 9/27/03 Making a good case for tuning in to 'Lyon's Den'

Hartford Courant 9/27/03 Lowe Returns, In `Lyon's Den'

SF Chronicle 9/26/03 Some series are criminal, others just need rehab

NY Daily News 9/26/03 'Den' another high for Lowe

Extra TV 9/24/03 'The Lyon's Den'

Seattle PI 9/20/03 Excellent cast helps 'The Lyon's Den' make its case

Knox News 9/16/03 'Lyon's Den' actor carries the farm, not work, with him

ET Online 9/12/03 Rob Takes On 'The Lyon's Den'

Zap2It 9/11/03 Steven Weber Seeks Prey in 'Lyon's Den'

NBCMV 9/11/03 Steven Weber Wings Over to Enter 'The Lyon's Den' as Notorious Serial Killer

Detroit News 8/23/03 Actor returns to NBC after exiting 'West Wing' 8/19/03 Schwarzenegger enlists Lowe's help

ET Online 8/15/03 The Lyon's Den NBC - Sunday 10:00 p.m. 8/13/03 Actor goes into 'Lyon's Den'


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