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About Survivor Guatemala Contestant Lydia Morales


Lydia Morales was born in Okinawa, Japan as a Marine Corps brat.  She currently works in Washington state as an assistant manager at a seafood company.  She is currently divorced and has one son.  Her birth date is January 19, 1963.  Lydia was fifteen voted off of Survivor: Guatemala.

News Articles about Survivor Guatemala's Lydia Morales


KOMO 8/16/06 High-Speed Crash Kills Two Teens

Reality News Online 12/12/05 An Interview with Survivor: Guatemala’s Lydia

Reality News Online 12/12/05 Survivor: Guatemala – Why Lydia Lost

Reality Reel 9/25/05 Survivor Guatemala: The Trashing Of Lydia 9/15/05 Two Washingtonians On Survivor: Guatemala!

Reality TV Magazine 9/7/05 Lydia Morales, A Fishmonger on Survivor Guatemala

Seattle PI 8/27/05 Local women to compete on 'Survivor 11'
The Olympian 8/12/05 'Survivor' taps Washington

Celebrity Spider 8/11/05 CBS Announces 16 New Castaways for Survivor Guatemala


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