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This show is based on the best-selling book by Kyle Smith, revolving around Tom Farrell (Tom Cavanagh, "Ed"), a 30-something up and coming single record executive who's navigating the tumultuous and highly amusing waters of work and dating in New York City.


News Articles about CBS Networks Love Monkey show


People 8/17/09 Tom Cavanagh Welcomes Third Child

Deseret News 4/11/06 VH1 monkeys around

Celebrity Spider 4/7/06 Vh1 Brings Back Love Monkey

Zap2It 4/5/06 'Monkey' Shines on VH1

Chicago Sun Times 4/3/06 VH1 to air scrapped 'Love Monkey' series

Milwaukee Journal 3/29/06 'Love Monkey' Finds New Home on VH1

Zap2It 3/24/06 Cavanagh Not 'Monkey'-ing Around

Chicago Tribune 2/12/06 See no `Monkey': Show put on hiatus

Zap2It 2/10/06 CBS Breaks Up with 'Love Monkey'

Celebrity Spider 2/8/06 Tom Must Rep His Ex-Girlfriend's Band on the next "Love Monkey"

Celebrity Spider 2/1/06 Tom Decides to Make Wayne's Video on the Next Episode of Love Monkey

Deseret News 1/24/06 CBS monkeys around with character's career

Rocky Mountain 1/21/06 CBS leaves crime scene

Post Gazette 1/20/06 Have a heart for 'Love Monkey'

Entertainment Weekly 1/20/06 Love Monkey Review

Celebrity Spider 1/19/06 Tom Recruits a Teen Pop Star for a Benefit Concert on the next "Love Monkey"

Nashville City Paper 1/19/06 CBS makes bold programming move with ‘Love Monkey’

Newsday 1/17/06 A 'Love Monkey' to truly adore

Boston Globe 1/17/06 'Monkey' has appeal, and music is the key

Tampa Bay Online 1/17/06 For The Record, CBS' New 'Love Monkey' May Not Bowl Over Some Viewers

Chicago Tribune 1/17/06 A zippy show with a silly name

Washington Post 1/17/06 A Bachelor's Tale of Whoa


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