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On this show fellow actors and friends Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman star in and co-produce their story chronicling their four-month transcontinental journey by motorcycle.  Their 20,000 mile journey takes them across the longest continuous landmass on earth through the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Siberia, Alaska and Canada before arriving in the Untied States.


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Jam! 10/31/05 'Long Way Round' off to a slow start
Jam! 10/28/05 Ewan McGregor goes on an adventure

Contact Music 2/6/05 McGregor Wants To Motorcycle Through Africa

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Media Life 10/28/04 Bravo presents the motorcycle diaries

USA Today 10/26/04 Actor friends go 'Long Way'

Zap2It 10/25/04 McGregor and Boorman Go the 'Long Way Round'

Contact Music 10/20/04 McGregor Almost Quit Bike Trek

Contact Music 10/19/04 Ewan's Chopper Embarrassment

Contact Music 10/18/04 McGregor Sobbed As He Completed Bike Trek

Contact Music 10/17/04 Ewan's Bike Trek Almost Ended In Disaster

The Mirror 10/13/04 Kelly Jones

BBC 10/11/04 Ewan's forest sized face bush

This is London 7/30/04 End of road for Ewan

Hello 7/30/04 Ewan's motorcycle odyssey comes to an end in New York

Sky.com 7/29/04 Close Shaves For Pals

NBC13 7/23/04 Ewan McGregor Gets His Own Reality TV Show


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