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This show features a group of instructors at the Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy in Lahaina, who fuel their thrill-seeking sensibilities with an endless quest for adventure. Their exploits will take them on road trips around Maui, as well as to other islands. The cast and crew include an undisclosed mixture of Hawaii residents and people imported from the mainland.


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News Articles about MTV Networks Living Lahaina


Star Bulletin 4/17/07 MTV surf teachers treat 'Lahaina' tourists right

Maui News 4/15/07 MTV reality series: ’Living Lahaina’ set for debut

Reality TV World 8/28/06 MTV filming new 'Living Lahaina,' 'Island Fever' reality shows in Hawaii

NY Post 8/28/06 Aloha, Oy

Star Bulletin 8/25/06 2 new MTV reality shows will use Valley Isle as a backdrop


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