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MTV teams up with gifted skateboarder and new teen heartthrob Ryan Sheckler to "shred" the airwaves with new reality drama "Life of Ryan. Through episodes on-air and bonus materials online, viewers will have an intimate look at how this energetic teenager balances the responsibilities of being a professional skater with his desire to be a normal kid who wants to spend time with his friends and family back home in Southern California. "Life of Ryan" is a coming-of-age story featuring a 17-year-old superstar skateboarder who defies gravity for a living but is being grounded by the pull of his personal life as it starts to fall apart. His parents recently finalized their divorce so Ryan has taken on the added responsibility of being both big brother and father to his two brothers, Shane and Kane. Despite his celebrity status as an action sports athlete, Ryan looks forward to hanging out with his childhood friends Tony, Casey and Casey's girlfriend Taylor whether it's going surfing, riding motocross bikes, skating on his personal skatepark in the backyard or trying to find the perfect girl.


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