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About the Life as We Know It Show on ABC


On this drama series, we see life (as we know it) through the eyes of Dino Whitman, Jonathan Fields and Ben Connor, three teenage boys coming-of-age. Sean Faris, Jon Foster, Chris Lowell, Missy Peregrym and Kelly Osbourne are among the stars.


News Articles about ABC Networks Life as We Know It


The Trades 2/3/05 Sean Faris Interview

Digital Spy 1/25/05 'Life' almost over for 'As We Know It'

Contact Music 1/12/05 Osbourne Hid Scenes From Father

NY Times 12/19/04 Teenage Boys and Their So-Called Lust

Zap2It 12/8/04 'life' Swap: ABC Gives Thursday a Schedule 'Makeover'

Big News Network 11/20/04 ABC orders new scripts for low-rated show

Zap2It 11/19/04 ABC's 'life' Not Dead Yet

Contact Music 10/25/04 Osbourne Show Sparks Outrage

Television Without Pity 10/20/04 Pilot Junior

Television Without Pity 10/13/04 Pilot

Digital Spy 10/10/04 Osbourne took offence at fat role offer

Access Hollywood 10/7/04 Kelly Osbourne: 'Life' As She Knows It

Washington Post 10/7/04 'life as we know it': Pubescent Putrescence

Seattle Times 10/7/04 "Life As We Know It" in Seattle deserves better home on ABC

Boston Globe 10/7/04 'Life as we know it' has little new to offer

Relish 10/7/04 Her New 'Life': Kelly Osbourne moves from reality TV to acting

Media Life 10/7/04 'life as we know it,' high school smut 10/7/04 Not much substance in life as we know it

Deseret News 10/7/04 ABC's 'life as we know it' is all about sex, sex, sex

Chicago Sun-Times 10/7/04 Lust of teen boys is hardly virgin territory

NY Times 10/7/04 What (Sex) Boys (Sex) Think (Sex) About

USA Today 10/7/04 Sean Faris: Is life as he knew it over?

NY Daily News 10/7/04 This so-called 'Life' is a teenage retread


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