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About Let's Make a Deal


This show is a revival of the classic game show hosted by legend Monty Hall.  On the new version presidential cousin Billy Bush will host.


News Articles about NBC Networks Let's Make a Deal


TV Rules 3/19/03 LMAD : An End To Deal?

CNN 3/19/03 New 'Let's Make a Deal' gets zonked

NBCMV 3/13/03 NBC Deals in Monty Hall on March 18

MSNBC 3/6//03 Changes/Additions to the Listings for Lets Make a Deal

TV Rules 3/6/03 Let's Make A Deal Summary-3/5

NBCMV 3/5/03 NBC's 'Let's Make A Deal' Delivers Ratings Gains

NBCMV 2/12/03 NBC Shifts Premiere Date for Let's Make a Deal to March 4

NBCMV 1/18/03 NBC Sets 3/1 Premiere Date For The Updated Revival Of 'Let's Make a Deal'

Zap2It 12/23/02 Billy Bush Makes a 'Deal' with NBC


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