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Leann Slaby is research assistant from Kansasville, Wisconsin.  In 1988 she donated one of her kidneys to her father when his kidneys began failing due to diabetes.  She was 35 years old on the show.

News Articles about Survivor Vanuatu Contestant Leann Slaby


OnMilwaukee.com 12/12/07 Local film stars Slaby from "Survivor"

OnMilwaukee.com 8/29/05 "Survivor" star accepts role in Milwaukee film

Reality News Online 12/3/04 "A Huge Mistake on My Part": An Interview with Survivor's Leann

Reality TV Hall of Shame 12/2/04 Hall of Shame Moment: Leann Knocks Herself out of ‘Survivor: Vanuatu’

Reality TV World 11/26/04 Leann Slaby becomes the twelfth castaway to be booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

Reality News Online 11/26/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Why Leann Lost

Journal Times 11/26/04 Kansasville woman voted off `Survivor'

CBS 11/25/04 Stunned: LeAnn Ousted

WDJT 11/18/04 Local Survivor Contestant

Journal Times Online 11/12/04 Local contestant still in contention on TV's `Survivor'

WSAW 11/5/04 Leann Survives Again!

WSAW 10/29/04 Leann Survives Again!

WSAW 10/14/04 Leann Survives Again!

Press Gazette 9/23/04 ‘Survivor’ contestant Slaby has heart

Winona Daily News 9/23/04 ‘Survivor' enthusiast

WSAW 9/17/04 Local Survivor Survives First Episode

WSAW 9/16/04 Local Woman Set to Appear in Survivor: Vanuatu

WIFR 9/15/04 Survivor Worked in Stateline

Reality TV Calendar 8/28/04 Meet The Survivors: Leann Slaby Bio and Photo

Westine Report 8/23/04 She’s a Survivor

Wausau Daily Herald 8/23/04 WSAW-TV to beef up 'Survivor' coverage

WSAW 8/18/04 Kronenwetter Native Cast member on Survivor

Milwaukee Journal 8/18/04 Kansasville singer tries to survive Vanuatu

SurvivorWeb 8/17/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Men vs. Women

Reality TV World 8/17/04 CBS officially announces identities of 'Survivor: Vanuatu's eighteen castaways

MSNBC 8/17/04 Castaways announced for ninth ‘Survivor’

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/04 Spoiler: Meet The Survivors - Bios and Photos


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