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About Leah Labelle


Leah Labelle is 17 and from Seattle, Washington.  She auditioned for American Idol in New York City.  Leah was Paula's choice in the wildcard round.  She began the competition under the name Leah Vladowski.


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News Articles about American Idol 3 contestant Leah Labelle


Playbill 11/27/07 Sanjaya Malakar guests with other "American Idol" wannabes in Black Nativity

Seattle Times 10/2/06 Area's "Idol" singers pursue big goals

Seattle Times 3/25/04 Withdrawal from Leah? Catch her on KCTS

Zap2It 3/22/04 First 'Idol' Bootee Sounds Off

Fans Of Reality TV 3/22/04 American Idol 3:Conference Call Interview With Leah Labelle

Reality TV World 3/18/04 Leah Labelle becomes the first 'American Idol' finalist to be eliminated

Foxes On Idol 3/18/04 American Idol 3: Why Leah Lost

Seattle PI 3/18/04 No, they don't really love her -- Leah LaBelle voted off 'Idol'

Zap2It 3/17/04 One Teen Leaves the Scene on 'Idol'

Reality TV World 3/11/04 Jon, Jennifer, Leah and George complete 'Idol's Top 12 finalists

Seattle PI 3/11/04 Seattleite Leah gets second chance on 'American Idol'

Seattle Times 3/10/04 How Seattle's LaBelle did on 'American Idol' tonight

Seattle Times 3/4/04 Seattle's LaBelle still has shot at 'Idol' title

Seattle Times 3/3/04 How Seattle's LaBelle did on 'American Idol' tonight

Seattle PI 3/1/4 A moment with ... Leah LaBelle, 'American Idol' contestant

Seattle PI 2/26/04 Garfield High School's LaBelle gets booted off 'American Idol'

Seattle PI 2/24/04 Seattle teen shoots for the 'American Idol' final 12


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