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This show tracks the day-to-day life of our generation's greatest living daredevil, Robbie Knievel. Robbie also happens to be the son of Evel Knievel, the most legendary daredevil of them all! Each episode revolves around the preparations for a single life-or-death jump. No rules, no fabrications, no trumped up premise. The stakes are totally real. The show also features "Team Knievel," Robbie's ragtag crew of buddies, offering viewers a rare glimpse into the authentic world of outlaw bikers as they crisscross the country on their hogs from jump to jump.

News Articles about A&E Networks Knievel's Wild Ride


Reality News Online 6/13/05 Knievel's Wild Ride, June 7: Robbie's Near-Death Experience. No, Really

Reality News Online 5/13/05 Knievel's Wild Ride, Episode 6: Love and Products

Reality News Online 5/5/05 Knievel's Wild Ride, Episode 5: Attack of the Drones

Reality News Online 4/28/05 Knievel's Wild Ride, Episode 4: The Never-Ending Stories

Reality News Online 4/22/05 Knievel's Wild Ride, Episode 3: Desperate Bar Flies

Reality TV Calendar 4/21/05 "Raising" Arizona: Episode 3 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 4/14/05 "Show Boatin" In A New York Minute: Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 4/13/05 Knievel's Wild Ride, Episode 2: My Drink Is Too Strong

Reality TV Calendar 4/7/05 "Arc" Angel Robbie Knievel: Episode 1 Recap & Commentary

Reality News Online 4/6/05 Knievel's Wild Ride, Episode 1: Hippy, Comic, Superhero, Rock-n-Roll Tour

Celebrity Spider 4/5/05 Knievel's Son to Star in Reality Show

NY Times 4/5/05 Ask Him to Vault a Train, Just Don't Call Him Evel

Reality News Online 4/5/05 Knievel's Wild Ride - A Preview

Chicago Sun-Times 4/5/05 Junior daredevil is blind to changing times, tastes

NY Daily News 4/5/05 Take a flying leap, Robbie

Milwaukee Journal 4/4/05 World views of Cameron, Kaptain 3/17/05 A&E Network’s Daredevilishous New Real Life Series

Celebrity Spider 3/11/05 A&E Presents the Series Premiere of Knievel's Wild Ride

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/05 Win A DVD Player From Knievel's Wild Ride

Celebrity Spider 1/14/05 A&E Announces Knievel's Wild Ride  


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