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A group shares a house while making a low budget thriller movie :The Scorned". The series follows the movie cast as they are killed off one by one.  In the cast are former reality stars Ethan Zohn, Jenna Lewis, Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton and Jenna Morasca from various "Survivor" seasons; Trishelle Cannatella, Tonya Cooley and Steven Hill from "The Real World"; "Bachelor" Bob Guiney and "Bachelorette" Trish Schneider; "Amazing Race 4" winner Reichen Lehmkuhl; and "Apprentice" contestant Stacie J. Upchurch.

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News Articles about E! Networks Kill Reality show and "The Scorned"


The Trades 4/23/06 The Scorned

Reality TV Magazine 11/8/05 The Scorned Is The Best Horror Movie Starring All Reality Stars Ever Made

Reality TV Magazine 10/31/05 The Scorned Premieres On Halloween

TV Guide 10/31/05 Bachelor's Trish Is a Woman Scorned

NY Post 10/31/05 Reality Bites

Reality TV Magazine 10/25/05 Survivor's Rob Cesternino Talks About The Scorned, Premiering On E! On Halloween

Radar Magazine 10/12/05 Kill Reality: Vol. 2 (Director’s Cut)

Cinema Spider 10/10/05 From Kill Reality Comes The Supernatural Film "The Scorned"

Celebrity Spider 9/20/05 E!'s Kill Reality Superstar Toni Ferrari Shops Her Own Television Series

Reality TV Magazine 9/13/05 Kill Reality – Jonny Fairplay Gets Thrown Out Of The House

Reality Reel 9/10/05 Kill Reality: Episode 8 Preview

Wireless Flash News Service 9/8/05 Jonny Fairplay: `I Raped Reality TV'

Reality TV Magazine 9/6/05 Kill Reality – A Little Game of Why And Because

Reality Reel 9/2/05 Kill Reality: Episode 7 Preview

Reality News Online 9/2/05 Kill Reality, Episode 6: The Saving Grace

Wireless Flash News Service 9/2/05 Tears Don't Come Easy For `Scorned' Reality TV Alum

Reality TV Magazine 8/30/05 Kill Reality Starring Jonny Fairplay as The Bachelor

Radar Online 8/29/05 Sex, Lines, and Videotape

NAMC Newswire 8/29/05 Kill Reality Superstar Toni Ferrari reveals the torture she has endured

Reality Reel 8/26/05 Kill Reality: Episode 6 Preview

Reality News Online 8/25/05 Kill Reality, Episode 5: The Relationship from Hell

After Elton 8/24/05 Interview with Reichen Lehmkuhl

Orwell Project 8/22/05 Exclusive Interview With Scott Zakarin, Executive Producer Of "Kill Reality"

Reality News Online 8/22/05 Kill Reality, Episode 4: Trishelle's Here! Run!

Reality News Online 8/17/05 Kill Reality, Episode 3: The Villain with a Case of the Giggles


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