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NBC's "Kidnapped" is a high-stakes serialized thriller in which the teenaged son of a wealthy Upper East Side family is kidnapped and everyone is a suspect. The series focuses on the elaborate, triangulated game between the kidnappers, FBI and law enforcement, and the private negotiating team contracted by this perhaps not-so-picture-perfect family.

News Articles about NBC Networks Kidnapped


Zap2It 6/4/07 'Kidnapped' Star Takes 'L&O' Case

Student Operated Press 4/28/07 Kidnapped has Been Retrieve on DVD

Detroit News 12/20/06 Look for 'Vanished,' 'Kidnapped' online now

Orlando Sentinel 12/17/06 Need your fix of axed 'Kidnapped' or 'Smith'? Try Web

Media Week 11/2/06 NBC Yanks Kidnapped

Zap2It 11/1/06 Other Shoe Drops for 'Kidnapped'

Celebrity Spider 10/29/06 Conrad Cain is Arrested for Murder Next Week on "Kidnapped"

Celebrity Spider 10/18/06 Knapp and Agent King Have Suspect on the Run on the Next "Kidnapped"

Celebrity Spider 10/15/06 Leopold Cain's Bodyguard Targeted Once Again Next Week on "Kidnapped"

Celebrity Spider 10/12/06 The Kidnapping Suspect is on the Run on Next Weeks Episode of Kidnapped

Celebrity Spider 10/10/06 NBC Moves Remaining Kidnapped Episodes to Saturday

Television Without Pity 10/10/06 Sorry, Wrong Number

NY Post 10/8/06 Kidnapped: Dana Delany Kicks Up Her Heels in the City

E!Online 10/6/06 "Smith," "Kidnapped" Vanishing

Celebrity Spider 10/5/06 Leopold Cain's Bodyguard Targeted Next Week on NBC's "Kidnapped"

Zap2It 10/5/06 'Kidnapped' Headed for Early End

Celebrity Spider 10/1/06 Preview for Kidnapped October 7th Episode

Television Without Pity 10/1/06 Special Delivery

ET Online 9/27/06 'Kidnapped' Is Worth the Ransom

TV Guide 9/27/06 Kidnapped's Dana Delany: Did the Mother Do It?

Celebrity Spider 9/24/06 Preview for September 27th Episode of "Kidnapped"

Television Without Pity 9/24/06 Pilot

TV Guide 9/20/06 Timothy Hutton: Kidnapped Grabs a Hold of You

Boston Globe 9/20/06 'Kidnapped' is captivating but could use a little more mystery

Washington Post 9/20/06 'Kidnapped' Holds Viewers for Ransom

Charlotte Observer 9/20/06 `Jericho' rumbles while `Kidnapped' stumbles

Newsday 9/20/06 This serial should hold viewers captive

Chicago Tribune 9/20/06 Stellar cast makes 'Kidnapped' worth searching out

San Francisco Chronicle 9/20/06 Kidnapping or nuclear peril -- it's your pick

Journal Sentinel 9/20/06 Only 1 of 3 worth watching twice

Orlando Sentinel 9/20/06 'Jericho,' 'Kidnapped' are maybe-see TV 9/20/06 Thrillers debut on CBS, NBC

South Florida 9/20/06 NBC's Kidnapped is fine viewing, but never quite hits dramatic heights 9/20/06'Kidnapped,' 'Jericho': One will come tumbling down

Detroit Free Press 9/20/06 Mike Duffy: Pair of thrillers tap into our fears

NY Daily News 9/20/06 This'll grab ya

NY Daily News 9/20/06 Scene stealers

Seattle PI 9/20/06 On TV: 'Kidnapped' may be a bit rich for viewers' tastes

NY Post 9/20/06 No Kidding

TeeVee 9/19/06 Fall ‘06: “Kidnapped”

SB Sun 9/19/06 `Kidnapped' is clued in to what viewers want

IndyStar 9/19/06 Thriller is not for the squeamish

Hollywood Reporter 9/19/06 Kidnapped

The Oregonian 9/17/06 Stylish 'Kidnapped' guaranteed to hold you captive

Chicago Tribune 9/3/06 Stylish serial drama `Kidnapped' finds interesting characters, as well as involved plot

Celebrity Spider 8/15/06 NBC Series "Kidnapped" to Premiere September 20th

Post Gazette 7/26/06 Fox, NBC both go for disappearing acts

Celebrity Spider 7/20/06 Netflix Offers Premiere Episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip & Kidnapped

Celebrity Spider 3/16/06 NBC Greenlights Fall Series "Kidnapped"


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