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About Survivor Guatemala Contestant Judd Sergeant


Judd Sergeant is from Ridgefield New Jersey where he grew up with his identical twin brother and two sisters.  He works as a doorman, is married and has a daughter.  His birth date is September 13, 1970.

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News Articles about Survivor Guatemala's Judd Sergeant


Buffalo News 12/11/05 Reality TV is just TV being itself

TV Guide 12/8/05 Survivor's Judd Gets 'Bagged'

Reality TV World 12/2/05 Judd Sergeant becomes the thirteenth castaway to exit 'Survivor: Guatemala'

MediaFiends.com 12/2/05 - Judd on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 12/2/05 “Stephenie Betrayed Me”: An Interview with Survivor: Guatemala’s Judd

Jam! 12/2/05 'Survivor' doorman kicked to the curb

Unofficial Survivor Guide 12/2/05 Ep. 12 discussion: "Nothing Personal: Scumbags Vote Judd Out Of His Own Jungle"

Reality News Online 12/2/05 Survivor: Guatemala – Why Judd Lost

CBS 12/2/05 Doorman Gets Denied On 'Survivor'

CBS 11/30/05 Watch Out Judd And Stephenie

Celebrity Spider 11/18/05 Judd Becomes Increasingly Paranoid on the Next Survivor: Guatemala

Reality News Online 10/24/05 “Judd Was Great at Minimizing Anything He Did Wrong”: An Interview with Margaret

Unofficial Survivor Guide 10/7/05 Episode 4 discussion: "Let's twist again: Brooke betrayed by Judd"

Zap2It 10/6/05 Judd Turns into Judas on 'Survivor: Guatemala'

Reality TV Magazine 9/12/05 Judd Sergeant, A Hotel Doorman On Survivor Guatemala

Celebrity Spider 8/11/05 CBS Announces 16 New Castaways for Survivor Guatemala


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