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About Jon Dalton


Originally from Danville, Virginia, Jon Dalton (aka Jonny Fairplay) attended George Washington High School followed by college at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg. After college, he moved to Washington, D.C. and Portland, Oregon before settling in Los Angeles.  In addition to Survivor he has appeared on MTV's True Life, Celebrity Poker Showdown, Inked, Kill Reality and other shows in the reality genre.  All these memorable appearances have resulted in Dalton receiving The Most Memorable Reality Star in the History of Reality Television honor at the Really Awards on Fox Reality.  Dalton's birth date is March 11, 1974.  Jon made the final four on Survivor Pearl Islands.  He was the first voted off on Survivor: Micronesia.


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News Articles about Survivor Pearl Islands and Survivor Micronesia Contestant Jon Dalton


E!Online 6/30/11 Survivor Villain Jonny Fairplay and Top Model Wife Call It Quits

Inside Pulse 2/22/10 Greatest Survivor Player Of All-Time: Contenders – Jonny Fairplay 4/16/08 Johnny Fairplay scheduled to appear at the Hammerstein

Reality TV Hall of Shame 3/20/08 From Hated to Favorite to Quitter: Jonny Fairplay Decides Not to Play ‘Survivor: Micronesia’

Celebrity Spider 3/12/08 Court Rules Jon Dalton to Provide More Evidence in Lawsuit

TMZ 3/6/08 His Baby's Adorable, Fairplay ... Not So Much

Reality News Online 2/14/08 Survivor: Micronesia – Why Jonny Fairplay Lost

People 2/14/08 Cupid Jonny Fairplay Masterminds Survivor Romance

New Zealand 2/14/08 Survivor: Johnny Fairplay The Day After

TV Guide 2/13/08 Survivor Shocker: Notorious Jonny Fairplay Is First to Go

Times Dispatch 2/12/08 One Virginian 'survives,' Fairplay bites the dust

IGN 2/12/08 Survivor: Micronesia Interview - Jonny Fairplay

Reality TV World 2/11/08 Jon 'Jonny Fairplay' Dalton talks about 'Survivor: Micronesia'

Entertainment Weekly 2/11/08 Survivor Talk video: Fairplay defends himself

Reality TV Calendar 2/10/08 Survivor Micronesia Episode 1 - Goodbye Fairplay

Fans of Reality TV 2/8/08 Interview with Jonny Fairplay: "I quit for love"

SofaChip 2/8/08 Survivor - Johnny FairPlay or NoPlay

Reality TV World 2/8/08 Jon 'Jonny Fairplay' Dalton first castaway cut from 'Survivor: Micronesia'

Reality News Online 2/8/08 “It Was the Perfect Conclusion for Jonny Fairplay” – An Interview with Jonny Fairplay

Unofficial Survivor Guide 2/8/08 Villain Vetoed: Faceplanted Fairplay Forced Away

Idol Thoughts 2/8/08 Conspiracy Theory: Did Jeff Probst Engineer Jonny Fairplay's Elimination on Survivor Fans vs. Faves?

Entertainment Weekly 2/8/08 ''Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites'': Fairplay Is Turned About

Reality TV Magazine 2/7/08 Survivor: Micronesia — Fairplay First Out

Reality TV World 1/18/08 Jon Dalton and Michelle Deighton get engaged, welcome first child

Buddy TV 1/16/08 Survivor: Johnny Fairplay Is A Dad

Danville Register Bee 1/9/08 Fairplay heads back to 'Survivor'

Celebrity Spider 1/4/08 CBS Announces 20 Castaways for Survivor: Micronesia - Fan vs Favorites

Entertainment Weekly 1/3/08 Survivor Micronesia Scouting Report - Jon Dalton

Idol Thoughts 1/2/08 Survivor's Jonny Fairplay Proposes to Top Model's Michelle

TMZ 12/9/07 Fairplay Has Old Beef, New Teeth

NY Post 10/14/07 Web Slinger

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Jon Dalton Sues Danny Bonaduce for Alleged Assault

Celebrity Spider 10/6/07 Danny Bonaduce Will Not Face Charges For Tossing Johnny Fairplay

Celebrity Spider 10/4/07 Danny Bonaduce Under Investigation After Awards Fight With Jonny Fairplay

JokersUpdates 9/17/07 Chat Live with Bull Riding - Survivor Johnny Fairplay

Reality TV World 9/10/07 Jon Dalton and ex-'Top Model' Michelle Deighton expecting first child

Zap2It 9/10/07 'Survivor's' Jonny Fairplay, 'Top Model' Girlfriend Expecting

TMZ 9/10/07 "Survivor" Fairplay and "Model" Michelle: Baby Reality

Danville Register and Bee 8/10/07 Reality TV vet tries his hand at rodeo



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