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A native of New York, Jonathan Penner is an actor, having had series regular roles on "Grapevine," "The Naked Truth" and "Rude Awakening." He also made guest-starring appearances in various series including CSI and "The Nanny," both on CBS, as well as "Seinfeld" and "Arrested Development." Additionally, he is a producer/writer/director.  Penner currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife of 16 years, director Stacy Title, and their two children, Cooper and Ava.  His birth date is March 5, 1962.  On Survivor Cook Islands Jonathan was fourteenth voted off having made the final seven.


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News Articles about Survivor Philippines, Survivor Cook Islands & Survivor Micronesia contestant Jonathan Penner


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Inside Pulse 2/26/10 Greatest Survivor Player Of All-Time: Contenders – Jonathan Penner

Reality TV World 3/17/08 Exclusive: Jonathan Penner dishes about 'Survivor: Micronesia'

Reality News Online 3/17/08 “It Was Just Fricking Bad Luck” – An Interview with Survivor: Micronesia’s Jonathan

Fans of Reality TV 3/16/08 Interview with Chet And Jonathan

Survivor Fans Podcast 3/14/08 Interview with Jonanthan Penner and Chet Welch

Reality TV World 3/14/08 Jonathan Penner and Chet Welch both exit 'Survivor: Micronesia'

Unofficial Survivor Guide 3/14/08 Leave Of Abscess: Penner Pulled Prematurely; Chet Checks Out

Reality News Online 2/29/08 Survivor Episode 4 Best Fan and Least Fave – The Right and Wrong Ways to Manipulate

Celebrity Spider 1/4/08 CBS Announces 20 Castaways for Survivor: Micronesia - Fan vs Favorites

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Jam! 12/14/06 'Survivor' won't say who makes Top 3

Reality News Online 12/13/06 Survivor: Cook Islands – Why Jonathan Lost

Reality News Online 12/8/06 “I Was Playing a Rational Game”: An Interview with Survivor: Cook Islands’ Jonathan

Reality News Online 12/8/06 Surviving the Early Show: Jonathan’s Interview 12/8/06 Jonathan on 'The Early Show'

Unofficial Survivor Guide 12/8/06 Writer Blocked: Old Raro Duo Script End to The Jonathan Show

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Entertainment Weekly 12/8/06 Torch Song

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