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About Survivor Palau Contestant Jolanda Jones


Jolanda Jones is a lawyer and motivational speaker. She ran for City Council in Houston but lost.  Jones currently resides in Houston, with her son, Jiovanni (13). Her birth date is November 6, 1965.  Jolanda was eliminated third, during the first episode of Survivor 10.
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News Articles about Survivor Palau's Jolanda Jones


RealityShack 2/17/06 Survivor: Exile Island, Episode 3, Too Much Of Something ... Jolanda Jones Checks In

Reality Shack 2/14/06 Jolanda Jones: Survivor: Exile Island, Episode 2, Different Survivor/Same Story

Reality Shack 2/4/06 Survivor: Exile Island, Episode 1 Guest Writer: Jolanda Jones

Reality Shack 6/7/05 Interview With Jolanda Jones of Survivor: Palau

Reality News Online 2/25/05 An Interview with Survivor's Jolanda

TV Guide 2/24/05 Survivor's Jolanda Stays Strong

Houston Chronicle 2/18/05 Houston attorney gets quick Survivor boot

KHOU 2/18/05 Houston attorney bites the dust in 'Survivor' premiere

Reality TV World 2/18/05 'Survivor: Palau' opens with a bang, sends two home then votes Jolanda Jones out

Reality News Online 2/18/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Jolanda Lost 2/18/05 - Jonathon, Wanda & Jolanda on 'The Early Show'

Dallas Morning News 2/18/05 Jonathan, Jolanda cast away from 'Survivor'

Unofficial Survivor Guide 2/17/04 Jonathon and Wanda Left Behind; Jolanda Jolted

CBS 2/17/05 Jolanda, Jonathan and Wanda First Out

KHOU 2/17/05 Houston attorney to compete on 'Survivor'

Dallas Morning News 2/13/05 Texans again populate the 'Survivor' island adventure

Houston Chronicle 1/14/05 An attorney and mom, Houstonian a real 'Survivor'

KHOU 1/13/05 Houston attorney to appear on next "Survivor" show

E!Online 1/13/05 "Survivor: Palau" Cast Revealed

CBS 1/13/05 Meet Survivor: Palau Cast


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