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This show is about a family of surfer legends - the Yosts. There's surfing grandpa Mitch (Bruce Greenwood), who had to stop competitive surfing in the 1970's when he blew his knee out; his son, Butchie (Brian Van Holt), also a legend who had to stop competitive surfing when he blew his winnings up his nose and became a full-time junkie; and grandson Shaun (Greyson Fletcher), who may have to stop surfing for any number of scary reasons.   When a curiously disengaged stranger named John (Austin Nichols) shows up, weird things start happening in Yost-world. Other cast members include Luke Perry, Rebecca De Mornay and Ed O'Neill.


News Articles about HBO Networks John From Cincinnati


Pittsburgh Post Gazette 4/10/08 TV on DVD: 'Perry Mason,' 'John from Cincinnati'

Jam! 1/4/08 'Cincinnati' actor guilty of DUI

E!Online 8/24/07 Austin Nichols Ups Hollywood DUI Count

TMZ 8/24/07 John From Jail? Nichols Popped for DUI

NY Post 8/15/07 'John's' Wane

Uncle Barky 8/14/07 John From Cincinnati gets "Dear John"

Hollywood Reporter 8/14/07 'John' is out of the game

Zap2It 8/14/07 'John From Cincinnati' Wipes Out

LA Times 8/13/07 'John From Cincinnati': Papa don't preach

Journal Now 8/12/07 Dear John: We never really knew you and were mad to keep watching you

Jam! 8/9/07 Surfing drama rides last wave

Arkansas Democrat Gazette 8/7/07 John From Cincinnati is strange, intriguing, baffling

Zap2It 8/5/07 'John From Cincinnati': Living on a prayer...

TV Guide 8/3/07 John from Cincinnati's Rebecca DeMornay Needs a Hug

Zap2It 7/30/07 'John From Cincinnati': Making movies, making moves

LA Times 7/24/07 'John From Cincinnati': Satan gets a golden parachute

Zap2It 7/22/07 'John from Cincinnati': The other boy who lived

TV Guide 7/6/07 Bruce Greenwood "Surfs" Up John from Cincinnati Scoop 7/5/07 From 'John,' the metaphysical
Zap2It 7/1/07 'John From Cincinnati': What's the frequency, Mitchie?

Kansas City Star 6/30/07 ‘John From Cincinnati’ seems lost in a sea of self-indulgence

Marketing Daily 6/18/07 HBO Partners With Billabong To Promote 'John From Cincinnati' 6/16/07 2 TV lures that could land a few viewers

TV Guide 6/14/07 Surreality TV: Inside HBO's Quirky John from Cincinnati


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