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Zap2It 1/11/02 Reality Contestants Revel in the Perks of Fame

TV Guide 10/26/01 Survivor's Policewoman Purged!

Jam! 10/25/01 No nudes for Jessie

Mighty Big TV 10/22/01 Got Blood?

Reality News Online 10/22/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 2: Hot Tamale Fizzles

Digital Spy 10/20/01 Survivor 3: Boran loses second contestant 10/19/01 Sheriff Jessie Run Out Of Africa

The Trades 10/19/01 Survivor: Africa - Episode 2 - Lost and Delirious

Go Memphis 10/19/01 'Survivor: Africa' - Week Two

TV Guide 10/19/01 Episode Two - Deputy Dogged

Zap2It 10/19/01 'Survivor's' Latest Victim Wasn't Fan of the Show

Rocky Mountain News 10/19/01 'Survivor' contestants bloody well go bottoms-up

Detroit News 10/19/01 Survivors drink blood; eject Jessie

Jam! 10/19/01 Survivor: Africa: Episode Two

Salon 10/19/01 This blood's for you!

CBS 10/18/01 Episode 2 Summary Jessie Camacho Voted Out 

Lycos 50 10/18/01 One to Watch: Jessie Camacho

Zap2It 10/18/01 'Survivor: Africa' Ep. 2: Blood is Thicker Than Water

Reality News Online 10/18/01 Surviving Africa, Episode 2: Target-Rich Environment

Zap2It 10/18/01 Boran Tribe Loses on 'Survivor' For Second Week In A Row

Reality News Online 10/18/01 Why Jessie Lost

Post Dispatch 10/18/01 Survivor update: Episode two

Channel 6000 10/18/01 'Survivor' Week 2: It's Snacktime!

Manly Thoughts 10/6/01 Survivor 3 Profiles: Jessie

E!Online 9/25/01 "Survivor 3" Tends Bar, Farms Goats

Zap2It 9/25/01 CBS Introduces 'Survivor: Africa' Cast

Mycfnow 8/31/01 Report: 2 Central Floridians 'Survive' Africa

Orlando Sentinel 8/30/01 2 local Survivors make it out of Africa

Digital Spy 8/26/01 Survivor 3 cast revealed?

Jam! 8/25/01 The Secrets of Survivor 3

Zap2It 8/23/01 Website Reveals 'Survivor 3' Contestants

Zap2It 5/3/01 'Survivor 3' Headed for Africa?

E!Online 2/15/01 "Survivor 3": CBS Seeks a Few More Backstabbers

Zap2It 2/15/01 CBS Looking For 'Survivors'


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