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Jericho is a drama about what happens when a nuclear mushroom cloud suddenly appears on the horizon, plunging the residents of a small, peaceful Kansas town into chaos, leaving them completely isolated and wondering if they're the only Americans left alive. Fear of the unknown propels Jericho into social, psychological and physical mayhem when all communication and power is shut down. The town starts to come apart at the seams as terror, anger and confusion bring out the very worst in some residents.

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News Articles about CBS Networks Jericho


Digital Spy 6/26/12 Exclusive: Lennie James 'definitely interested' in 'Jericho' revival

TV Guide 5/1/12 Exclusive: Will Netflix Give Jericho (Another) New Life?

Zap2It 5/1/12 'Jericho' reborn? Netflix reportedly talking about a revival

TV Guide 8/24/10 Exclusive: Jericho Alum Headed to NCIS: Los Angeles

Entertainment Weekly 8/26/09 'Lie To Me' scoop: 'Jericho' alum to play Lightman's rival

Cinema Spider 3/9/09 Jericho TV Series Gets New Life With New Comic Book Series
Zap2It 11/20/08 'Jericho' Replaces CW's Sunday MRC Programming

BuddyTV 4/22/08 Jericho: A Tale of Two Heroic Seasons

BuddyTV 4/11/08 Will Comcast Make Jericho Season 3 a Reality?

SyFy Portal 4/7/08 'Jericho' May Find New Life With Comcast

Newsday 4/4/08 "Jericho:" No Nuts, Just Calls

BuddyTV 4/2/08 ' Jericho ' Season 2 DVD Set Arriving in June

IGN 4/2/08 Jericho: Season 2 Review

BuddyTV 3/28/08 Possibilities for the Future of Jericho 3/27/08 'Jericho' honchos grew up together in Philly 'burbs

Boston Globe 3/27/08 'Jericho' too cynical for the times?

BuddyTV 3/26/08 The Original Ending for the 'Jericho' Series Finale

IGN 3/26/08 Jericho: "Patriots and Tyrants" Review

IGN 3/26/08 Jericho: It Ain't Over 'Till it's Over

Chicago Sun Times 3/26/08 Sifting through the ashes of 'Jericho'

Media Life 3/26/08 Quiet tip of the hat to CBS's 'Jericho'

BuddyTV 3/25/08 Jericho: Episode 2.7 "Patriots and Tyrants" Series Finale Recap

Entertainment Weekly 3/25/08 'Jericho': Out With a Bang

LA Times 3/25/08 'Jericho': Who -- or what -- is to blame?

Zap2It 3/25/08 Jericho: Finale


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