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Jen Johnson (age 23 on the show) is a nanny from Beverly Hills, CA.  Jen won HOH the second week of the show. Jen is the second

member of the jury being voted out by a vote of 6-0 (including a first ever penalty vote) in week seven.


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News Articles about  Big Brother 8 contestant Jen Johnson


Buzz Killed 3/16/08 Big Brother 8’s Jen Johnson Most Likely Now Dating Nick Starcevic

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Reality TV Hall of Shame 9/17/07 Acting Like a Brat: BB 8’s Jen Breaks the Rules, Gets First U.S. ‘Big Brother’ Penalty Ever

TV Guide 8/28/07 Big Brother's Jen Explains Her "Jenius" Strategy

TMZ 8/27/07 Jen from "Big Brother" is a Big Sister

Buddy TV 8/26/07 Exclusive Interview: Jen Johnson, 'Big Brother 8' 8/26/07 Jen on Housecalls

Digital Spy 8/25/07 US 'Big Brother' star feared for her life

Celebrity Spider 8/24/07 Big Brother 8: After A Bizarre Week Jen is Unanimously Evicted Off the Premises

Fans of Reality TV 8/24/07 Interview with Jen - "They did what they did out of fear."

Reality News Online 8/24/07 “I Have Never Been Faced with Anyone Like Dick” – An Interview with Big Brother 8’s Jen 8/24/07 Interview With Jen Johnson of Big Brother 8

Wild Bluff Media 8/24/07 Big Brother 8: Where Jen Went Wrong 8/24/07 Jen on 'The Early Show'

Idol Thoughts 8/24/07 Big Brother's Jen: Spoiled Princess or Just Pushed to the Edge?

Reality News Online 8/24/07 Big Brother 8: Why Jen Lost

I Love Reality 8/24/07 Big Brother Live Feed Highlights For Thursday - Jen Evicted - Jessica New HoH.

Entertainment Weekly 8/24/07 Not Going Jently

Reality TV Magazine 8/23/07 Big Brother Results – Jen Johnson Evicted

Reality TV Calendar 8/23/07 The Desolation Of Jen

Reality TV Calendar 8/23/07 Video Report: Jen's Bikini Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction

Celebrity Spider 8/21/07 Big Brother 8: Jen's Shock Penalty Nomination Turns Tables on Jameka

Reality TV Calendar 8/21/07 Big Sister Report: Jen Implodes, Dick Explodes, Jameka Gone?

I Love Reality 8/21/08 Dick And Jen - Another Wild Night In The Big Brother House (Spoilers)

Idol Thoughts 8/21/07 More Fallout from the Jen and Dick Fight -- A Penalty Nomination!

Reality TV Magazine 8/5/07 Big Brother – Daniele Wins Head Of Household And Nominates Jen And Kail

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/07 Big Sister Report: The Jen and Dick Alliance - Yeah, Really

Reality TV Magazine 7/29/07 Big Brother 8 – Dustin Nominates Kail And Jen

Wild Bluff Media 7/20/07 Big Brother 8: Jen, The Jenuine Jenius!

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/07 Jen - "I Just Want To Crush Dreams"

Idol Thoughts 7/18/07 Big Brother's Jen is Evil!

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/07 Jen-tard Just Wants To Have Fun

Reality TV Calendar 7/16/07 Jen-Vicious Makes No Friends: Episode 5 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/16/07 Jen-Noying to the Jenth Power

Celebrity Spider 7/13/07 Big Brother 8 Send Carol Packing and Jen Wins Head of Household

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/07 Big Sister Report: Hamsters Scurry And Kiss Up To HoH Jen

Idol Thoughts 7/13/07 Carol Gets the Boot and (Gasp!) Jen Wins HOH

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/07 Jen Doesn't Fall For Trick Question - Wins HoH: Episode 4 Recap

The-Trades 7/13/07 Big Brother 8 - July 12: First Eviction, and the Nanny Takes Charge

NY Post 7/13/07 Oh, 'Brother'! Self-Involved Jen the One To Watch on 'BB8' 7/11/07 Big Brother housemate loses it over picture

Always Reality Television 7/10/07 Jen - The Green-eyed Monster

Reality Shack 7/10/07 Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 9th – See Jen Run. Run Jen, Run

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 CBS Reveals The Identities Of The 14 New Houseguests On 'Big Brother 8'


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