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This site has links to news, websites and other information about Survivor Cambodia and Survivor II Contestant Jeff Varner.


Pictures/Photos of Jeff Varner


Survivor Hunks - Jeff Varner Photo Gallery


News Articles about Survivor Contestant Jeff Varner


Survivor Fans Podcast 10/15/15 Audio Interview with Jeff Varner

Entertainment Weekly 10/15/15 Survivor Talk: Jeff Varner reveals the secret chat that led to his challenge meltdown

Parade Magazine 10/15/15 Jeff Varner's Survivor Adventure Is Over, But His Midlife Quest Has Just Begun

WFMY News 2 9/23/15 Watch Triad Mans Return To 'Survivor' Tonight On WFMY News 2

Grand Rapids Press 6/17/07 Ex-'Survivor' contestant daytime anchor at WWMT

Greensboro News Record 5/31/07 WGHPs Varner takes his Southern charms north

CBS New York 4/9/05 Ex-'Survivor' Contestant Anchoring News

Daily News 3/29/04 Reality stars get cold shoulder in Hollywood

Survivor Fever 6/29/03 Jeff Varner: E! News Live Entertainment Correspondent

Washington Post 8/30/01 Battle of the Reality Shows

Post Gazette 4/11/01 'Survivor's' Jeff says Amber is shrewd player

Post Gazette 4/7/01 Survivor Hype (plus Jeff Varner Appearances)

Zap2It 3/21/01 Jeff Opens Up His Luxury Item

Post Gazette 3/10/01 Survivor Hype

Reality TV Links 3/9/01 Kimmi Strikes Back

Zap2It 3/9/01 Varner Discusses Merged Tribe Dynamics; Kimmi's Big Mouth

Zap2It 3/9/01 Jeff Ousted on 'Survivor'

Zap2It 3/9/01 Episode Seven: The City Boy vs. the Lonestar

News Record 3/9/01 'Survivor" contestants toss Greensboro native from Australian Outback


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Jeff Varner Official Website

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IMDB Profile

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Survivor Fever - Jeff News and Pics

Survivor Fever - Jeff's Appearance Schedule

Survivor Hunks - Jeff Varner

Survivornews Profile - Jeff Varner

WGHP - Jeff Varner

Yahoo Jeff Varner Club

Zap2It Jeff Varner Report Card

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