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About Jase Wirey

Jase Wirey was 28 on the show and comes from Decatur, Illinois.  He is single and works as a volunteer firefighter.

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News Articles about Big Brother 5 Contestant Jase Wirey


Herald & Review 7/29/06 Decatur reality show actor Wirey gets the boot on 'Big Brother 7'

Celebrity Spider 7/28/06 Jase Wirey Becomes Third Houseguest Evicted From Big Brother All-Stars

Entertainment Weekly 7/28/06 Jase Closed

Entertainment Weekly 7/28/06 The Thrill of the Jase

American Reality TV 7/28/06 Jase Gets Evicted but may Return as America's Choice

Reality News Online 7/28/06 “They’re a Bunch of [Bleep]ing Lunatics”: An Interview with Big Brother: All-Stars’ Jase

MediaFiends.com 7/28/06 Jase on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 7/28/06 Big Brother: All-Stars – Why Jase Lost

MediaFiends.com 6/27/06 Alison, Ivette, Jase & Kaysar on 'The Early Show'

JokersUpdates 9/30/05 BB5's Jase Wirey sounds off about Big Brother All-Stars, BB6, and life after Big Brother

Reality News Online 9/22/04 “The Four Horsemen Don’t Exist”: A Follow-Up Interview with Big Brother 5’s Jase

JokersUpdates 9/18/04 Interview with Jase Wirey from BB5

Southern Illinoisan 8/23/04 SIUC Graduate Says Appearance On 'Big Brother 5' Was Trying

Reality News Online 8/20/04 “My Whole Strategy Was to Be the Villain”: An Interview with Big Brother 5’s Jase Wirey

BigBrotherUpdates 8/20/04 Jase Wirey returns to Regis and Kelly - Transcript and Screen Captures

MediaFiends.com 8/20/04 - Jase on 'Live' Part 2

MediaFiends.com 8-17-04 - Jase on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

BigBrotherUpdates 8/17/04 Jase Wirey on Live with Regis and Kelly - Transcript and Screen Captures

Herald & Review 8/14/04 Local man voted out of 'Big Brother,' but still hoping to launch acting career

TVRules 8/13/04 TVRules.net Exclusive Interview with Jase Wirey

Reality TV World 8/13/04 Jase Wiley becomes the fifth houseguest to be evicted from the 'Big Brother 5' house

Reality News Online 8/13/04 Big Brother 5: Why Jase Lost

Zap2It 8/13/04 Jase Rides Into the Sunset on 'Big Brother 5'

CBS 8/13/04 Jase Jettisoned; A's Number One

CBS 8/11/04 Six-Finger Plan Works: Jase On The Block

I Love Reality 8/9/04 Veto used by Drew - bet ya know who is up now

I Love Reality 8/6/04 Jase forms an alliance of one

I Love Reality 8/6/04 Jase comes clean late at night....

Reality TV Calendar 8/2/04 Coupling With Jase And Diane

I Love Reality 8/2/04 POV used by Jase - the new nominee is.....

CBS 8/1/04 Diane Dominates As HoH--Scott and Jase Are On The Block

I Love Reality 7/30/04 Nominations over - Scott and Jase are up for eviction

Fans of Reality TV 7/23/04 Jase Does The Happy Dance (7/22 recap)

CBS 7/21/04 Jase Snags PoV, Marvin Puts Karen On The Block

TVRules 7/15/04 The Alliance Game: The Head Of Household By Jase

I Love Reality 7/15/04 BB5- Holly and Jase - the bloom is off the rose

Zap2It 6/30/04 Meet the Latest Pack of 'Big Brother' Shut-ins


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