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About James Zinkand


James Zinkand (born November 21, 1986) is a high school graduate originally from Sarasota, Florida and is currently biking around the world with no money. He as also dressed mannequins for a living while living in Buenos Aires.


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News Articles about  Big Brother 9 contestant James Zinkand

MediaFiends.com 7/16/09 BB: Interview with Crazy James 

Reality News Online 5/1/08 “I Was One of the Most Sane People in There!” – An Interview with Big Brother 9’s Crazy James

TV FunSpot 4/28/08 The Best Player Only Got $25,000

Celebrity Spider 4/10/08 Big Brother 9: James Evicted From House & Becomes Fourth Juror in Sequester

Reailty News Online 4/10/08 Big Brother 9: Why James Lost

Staten Island Live 4/9/08 Not-so-nice guys finish last -- finally

Reality TV Magazine 4/9/08 Big Brother 9: James Evicted — Again

Wild Bluff Media 4/1/08 Big Brother 9 Week 8 Power of Veto - James Unleashes the Fury

Celebrity Spider 3/13/08 Big Brother 9: James Evicted From House and Then Reenters the Game

Reality TV World 3/13/08 'Big Brother' evicts James Zinkand, but he returns as part of twist

Reality TV Magazine 3/12/08. "Big Brother 9: James Evicted Then Voted Back In?

Jokers Updates 3/9/08 BB9: The “Back” door opens for James demise

Buzz Killed 2/25/08 Big Brother 9: James Just One Giant Blur?

After Elton 2/22/08 Big Brother 9's secret gay cast member?

Celebrity Spider 2/21/08 Big Brother 9: Parker and Jen Evicted; James and Chelsia New HoH

Gay Wired 2/21/08 'Big Brother 9' Houseguest James Zinkand's Gay Porn Past

Sarasota Herald-Tribune 2/8/08 'Big Brother' guy has a full name after all

Tampa Bay Online 2/6/08 Sarasota Man Picked For Big Brother TV Show

Celebrity Spider 2/6/08 CBS Announces 16 New Houseguests for Big Brother 9

Creative Loafing 1/9/08 A Sarasota High alum returns from a madcap journey


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