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About James Rhine


James Rhine is 29 and comes from Atlanta, Georgia.  He is single and works as a loss prevention manager.  His hobbies include working out, reading and basketball.


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News Articles about Big Brother Six and Big Brother 7 Contestant James Rhine


CBS2 4/26/08 This BB James Is Sexy Not Crazy

JokersUpdates 1/16/07 Jokers Chats with the Veto King - James Rhine

Celebrity Spider 8/25/06 James is Blindsided on Big Brother All Stars; Erika Wins HOH

Reality TV World 8/25/06 James Rhine the eighth 'Big Brother 7: All-Stars' houseguest evicted

Reality News Online 8/25/06 “A Lot of the Decisions Were Stupid”: An Interview with Big Brother: All-Stars’ James

Reality News Online 8/25/06 Big Brother: All-Stars – Why James Lost

MediaFiends.com 8/25/06 James on 'The Early Show'

Reality TV Magazine 8/24/06 Big Brother All Stars Results – James Rhine Evicted

Celebrity Spider 7/21/06 "Big Brother: All-Stars" Evicts Nakomis, James is New HoH

Jam! 7/21/06 Another secret ‘BB’ pact exposed

JokersUpdates 6/23/06 BB6 James Rhine BB7 Campaign Chat

JokersUpdates 4/12/06 BB James Rhine: What's He Up To?

MediaFiends.com 10/26/05 10/21/05: Beau, James & Sarah on The Fishbowl

JokersUpdates 10/13/05 Live Chat with James Rhine from Big Brother 6

TVRules 9/8/05 TVRules Exclusive: Interview with BB6's James Rhine

TV Guide 9/7/05 Big Brother Baddie Gets Beaten

Celebrity Spider 9/2/05 Untrustworthy James Back-Doored Out of the Big Brother House

Jam! 9/2/05 BB6's James finally booted

Reality TV World 9/2/05 James Rhine becomes the ninth 'Big Brother 6' houseguest to be evicted

Reality News Online 9/2/05 Big Brother 6: Why James Lost

TVRules 9/1/05 April vs James: The Face off

JokersUpdates 8/31/05 James is Still Trying....

Reality News Online 8/23/05 Big Brother 6: In a House Divided, Can James Stand?

Reality News Online 8/21/05 Big Brother 6, August 20 Live Feeds: All Plots Lead Back to James

I Love Reality 8/16/05 Rachel to James, "Votes are in, game is done."

I Love Reality 8/13/05 James - the BB6 master of manipulation.

Happycrumb 8/10/05 Big Brother 6 - Summer of Secrets: James is Pinocchio!!

JokersUpdates 8/10/05 James and Sarah's Last Ditch Effort to Remain a Team

MediaFiends.com 7/31/05 Kaysar's Downfall, James Soars

Happycrumb 7/24/05 Big Brother 6 - Episode 7 - James and Maggie up for eviction

Jam! 6/29/05 Big Brother players, twist revealed


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