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"Jailbreak" follows 10 prisoners trapped in a jail-like structure surrounded by a maze of physical and mental challenges they must beat in order to escape, thereby winning the game and a cash prize.

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News Articles about the BBC and ABC Networks Jailbreak


Ananova 8/15/01 Jailbreak presenter lands travel programme role

BBC 9/23/00  Jailbreak trio escape

BBC 9/16/00 Jailbreak bid hit by flood

Ananova 9/13/00  Jailbreak proves ratings hit

The Futon Critic 9/12/00 Ten 'Jailed' as New British Game Show Starts

Ananova 9/12/00 Channel 5's answer to Big Brother to make debut

BBC 9/11/00 Jailbreak 10 locked away

BBC 9/6/00 Craig Charles to host Jailbreak

The Futon Critic 8/14/00 ABC Opts for 'Jailbreak'


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